Wet grass tickled feet

Wet grass tickled feet

30 October 2020

 Children of morrows;
 their cries ringing everywhere
 soaking Earth purple
 Foggy landscapes met
 teary eye saturated
 with pains of fledglings
 Stormy weather formed
 flower of life in my chest 
 that drenched my heart red
 Pouring rain renewed
 hope in another Earth’s rise
 The bud of my thoughts
 Petals bloomed in mind
 blossoms of tomorrow’s world
 that dewy drops spelt
 Misty skies breathed soft
 whispers of promises kept
 Wet grass tickled feet 



Reading of my poem:

Whirling Dervish – Mevlevi Sema Ceremony

Written in the context of Ronovan writes weekly Haiku challenge using the words “Wet”, “Bloom” and their synonyms. For rules and other poetic contributions, follow the link here https://ronovanwrites.com/2020/10/26/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-329-bloom-wet/

Scent of summertime

Scent of summertime

11 April 2020


Run along

The pathways stretch out


Pink flowers

They border the green hedges

Where axe drove the wedges


Clear cutting

Woodcutters at work

Loosen limbs

Off the trees

Swaying under springtime breeze

They offer blossoms


I inhale

Scent of summertime

Hidden deep

In the grass

When the springtime bloom will pass

Uncover morrows


Reading of the poem:

Cibelle – Minha Neguinha

Seagulls Homecoming

Seagulls Homecoming

4 January 2017

going home8


The grass blends

With the breeze of icicles

Sways within its gasps


Frozen white crystals

Partition of the fractals

Internal rings light


The snail is woven

Into shell of ringing Time

Blackbirds will flutter


Swallows in the sun

Moving through darker mists fly

In stillness the might


Daffodils shimmer

Through vibrations of sunshine

Inner bears outer


Moonbeams will glitter

In pitch-black diamonds glimmer

Shades of Netherland


Iris wells dilate

Mind in Heart diluting trend

Imploding explode


Wings of lark propel

In ocean of starry void

All stones to avoid


Dreamtime will consume

Ages of wings now growing

Seagulls Homecoming


Reading of the poem: 

home daily galaxy com

Day One – Audiomachine

Across the Horizon – Audiomachine

HomeComing – Audiomachine




26 October 2016

fire diaforetiko gr fire-woman-felice-monda
Courtesy diaforetiko.gr


On a cold wintry night when the logs bade fire

The fog covered the moons white silvery faces

The dark shadows bowed slight from weight of desire

Like drunken addict swoons revealing his traces


The shadows followed light opposed to each aspire

Consume glory in spoons display your best laces

Centered twirl in the might of your glorious sire

Talk music draw the runes of transitions’ spaces


Dead grass called to crickets solemn dance to amaze

As the nightingales sang to dark secrets unwound

The woodlands bore thickets that circled in a maze


Thunder clapped with a bang lightning twirled all around

The surges broke pickets more than wood set ablaze

Knowing deadly bells rang as his face hit the ground


Reading of the poem: 

fire diaforetiko gr fire-woman-felice-monda
Courtesy diaforetiko.gr

Odal – Wardruna

Raido – Wardruna

Naudir – Wardruna



5 September 2016

Courtesy pinterest.com


Month of the nine trees

Grows branches

Into skies

The Angels now hear the cries

The deafening tides


Tree trunks float

On rivers of hope

The mind copes

In sawing

The thoughts that pervade clawing

The glimmering leaves


Bark and leaf

Two to a third birth

We pluck them

From the hearth

They grow in wasteland marshes

The city harsh is



Landscapes of the fall

Beckon slow

To soul’s call

Finest grass for the reaper

Green is the new black



Failing my two lungs

They gather


Of pairs they will be but one

Fate of the changeling



In waves of morrow



They move underground frantic

The stone is their tomb


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy pinterest.com

9 crimes – Damien Rice

Delicate – Damien Rice

I don’t Want to Change You – Damien Rice

What we were tonight

What we were tonight

29 August 2016

ghosts hand
Courtesy pinterest.com


Tonight slipped

From my limp fingers

Grasping none

Life unfair

Chose to pair them open air

Between the spaces


In dream state

I remember touch

We lock hands

In rapture

Hair electric on arm stands

Pulsing the texture



What we were tonight

When the light

Baleful shines

All the softness undermines

Lost scent of green grass


Reading of the poem: 

what byrdfountain com
Courtesy byrdfountain.com

Nothing really ends – DEUs

The grass was greener

The grass was greener

20 August 2016

crimsonfields deviantart com liberty_by_tryskell-d99kjln
Courtesy tryskell-d99kjln on deviantart.com


She looked across the battered fields lying scorched by the heat around her frame in veils. From afar came its glint, shining eerily under the summer sun. So infused with more than just a hint of light she felt she should run towards it for it looked so beautifully green, it was almost lime-like in its iridescent sheen. She imagined the dewdrops painting life-like shadows alongside the blades of grass, twirling with these latter in those meadows a long-forgotten dance. She could almost sense the hum of the grasshoppers, the sound of brass invading her mind with their invitation to prance.


An arm brushing past hers tore her thoughts away from that beautiful island and its mighty sway. The field around her was buzzing in glee with grey-faced workers in neat rows of three attempting so desperately to instill some life back into the withered plants going downhill. The water ran from their giant cans dark, muddy and lifeless, not even a spark. She watched them smother rather than water the field as more sand and dirt was all the cans would yield. Here and there some poppies had survived, their wild nature breaking free revived by the view of the skies from the murky lands ties.


It was the bluebells that withered the most. Their head hung, their face downcast, they looked like this time they would never last. The secular trees of themselves a ghost looked over the horizons, a sight only they could boast and realised that perhaps this was the last year they would play host to the hundreds of bluebirds that on their branches found outpost to watch the first sunrise. Suddenly a ray split the skies and onward came rains of the most frightful might. To the field workers they were though the most beautiful sight as they gathered out of ranks not bothering how offering to the rain their weather-beaten brow as it washed away the mud. The oldest of trees came down with a thud and as the land under it drank the rain a damp and soon mossy stance took over its grounds again and again and again.


She looked across the reddened field to the brink of where her sight would yield. She looked back to the moss growing on that new land. Its glint was known to her not a new brand. Both far and near she could see it so clear.


The grass was greener.


Reading of the short story: 

greener deviantart com 4
Courtesy deviantart.com

Green…The Colour of Evolution – Yakuro


Angel Tears

Angel Tears

30 July 2016

Angels tears carlos queyedo raphael
Courtesy Carlos Quevedo on deviantart.com


Falling rain

Covers my meadows

Black prairies

Grass withers

Scorching sunlight seeps within

Land of the fairies


The woods speak

Their voices wooden

Like ship mast

Now downcast

We carry our crew like rock

Flags of soul breach seas


Feeble mock

Their hearts set in stone

Marble walls

Angels’ Tears

Within the dark veins strewn thin

In loss of the Love


Reading of the poem: 

angelstears carlos quevedo
Courtesy Carlos Quevedo on deviantart.com

Troth – Thomas Feiner

Intrépide damoiseau à la poitrine imberbe / Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest

Intrépide damoiseau à la poitrine imberbe

(Poème écrit sous forme de Sonnet Occitan et Alexandrin traduit en anglais ci-dessous ou ici)

6 juillet 2016

flower david galstyan pinterest com 13
Courtesy David Galstyan on pinterest.com


Ils parlent de justiciers de forces vives suintées

Par les pores de douleur pour une mort prérequise

Comme les glas par milliers de cloches noircies tintées

Font vibrer la noirceur enterrée en l’église


Pour les cœurs épurer de vieilles rancœurs teintées

Raconte-moi malheur rajustant l’entremise

De ces heures à sonner réunions éreintées

Enfouie dans la pâleur de ces choix de vie grises


J’aurais d’un entretemps fait feu vif de tout bois

Elagué les copeaux comme menues brindilles d’herbe

Réflexions pour longtemps font mémoire bon aloi


Comme le cours des ruisseaux délave de fleurs la gerbe

Ainsi venu printemps fait briller l’effort croît

Intrépide damoiseau à la poitrine imberbe


Lecture du poème: 

flower david galstyan pinterest com 15
Courtesy David Galstyan on pinterest.com


Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest

(Translation of a poem written in Alexandrin and Occitan Sonnet form. Original above or here)

6 July 2016

flower David-Galstyan-06-www.ArtPerson.org_
Courtesy David Galstyan on artperson.org

They talk about vigilante of bright strength oozed

Through pores filled with pain for a prerequisite death

Like thousands of knells from black tinted bells chiming

Make vibrate the darkness lying buried in church


To purify hearts of old resentments tainted

Tell me misfortune adjusting intervention

Of those hours that are ringing tired reunions

Buried in pallor of those choices of gray lives


I could have from passing made bright fire from all wood

Then pruned the shavings like some slender blades of grass

Thoughts that are churned well make good quality memories


As the course of streams washes out the sheaf of flowers

So when it comes does spring shine all efforts and grow

Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest


Reading of the poem: 

flower David-Galstyan-Fly-5
Courtesy David Galstyan on pinterest.com


Jealous of the rain – Michael Nyman

Diary of Hate – Michael Nyman

Memorial – Michael Nyman

A la folie – Michael Nyman



The grass grows greener

The grass grows greener

27-28 April 2015


The grass grows greener

In a little hidden patch

Of sunken garden

Green with moss etched in the night

Twilight thoughts of never more


Lilies swarmed the place

Where daffodils once shone bright

In sunny fevers

A chill in the air stilled suns

Bringing morrows of crisp minds


Water flooded land

Reeds grew as marshes now crept

Where grass once swayed light

Blowing in photons that flew

Across distant skies came change


Flowers crept to shade

Blue, pink, yellow in trenches

Colliding safely

Thoughts rushing in my mind slid

To forefathers’ distant lands


Regal blue upright

Plumbago braved summer heat

Extremities crowned

Bejewelled synapses lead

To sights of distant deep blue


The grass grows greener

In a growing patch ablaze

With moon’s sunny rays

Blue gold red etched in the light

Dawn shines on forevermore