Mother forsakes us Never

Mother forsakes us Never

31 October 2015



Your thunderous voices

Speak deafening my senses

Confusing me tomb


earth blue2


Father you bellow

Dejected the child in me

Rescued by Mother




Mother speaks softly

Thunder in Lightning explained

As her River flows


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I sank in the flesh

Yet will rise from its texture

With study complete




Mercy is within

As compassion lends a hand

Delving into us


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Oracle in me

Speaks in the fabric of dreams

Retracing the clues


duality closer to the ennemy inside of me chelsie blanc


Message comes entwined

Both in Light and in Darkness

Perception is Key


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As I look above

I see ancient wisdom fair

Humble is student


life thomasz


So I look below

Confusion reigns when standing

On ground lies seeker


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If the Earth may spit

See it as she gushes forth

Magmatic Truth lies


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True wisdom is born

When the veils withhold no more

All seeing be free


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Mother forsakes us Never

We walk in her green valley

Only You and Me



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