Regret to rehearse

Regret to rehearse

12 February 2016

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The memory

Pregnant with silence


Inside heart

There is a fork where we part

Twining in futures


They speak soft

Of renewed endings

Rising high

Skidding fast

I lurch beyond my own past

Of broken treasures


Unchained hymns

Sing to my bosom

Chances slim

Where I meet

The tidings of our defeat

Suspended in air


The waves roll

Breaking on the shores

Where they flee

Thoughts that breathed

Invented by you and me

A world sprawled hopeful


We kill dreams

Mindless death’s tailors

Sewing firm

Soul will squirm

We merely tighten the seams

Threads pins and scissors


My mind blank

A throbbing beat haunts

Heart that sank

Into spleen

While everyday wiping clean

Memory of the taunts


Careless hands

They shuffle shaking

A loose deck

Where cards curse

Folly of their own making

Regret to rehearse


Reading of the poem: 

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Courtesy s829

Clair de lune – Claude Debussy

Sirenes. Claude Debussy

La cathédrale engloutie – Claude Debussy

14 thoughts on “Regret to rehearse

  1. I don’t know what it’s lime to have a blank mind or a memory pregnant with silence. I do experience external silence for most of the day, but never inner silence. This is beautiful poetry.

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    • Thank you Thomas. I am sure you must experience inner silence though perhaps you are not fully aware of it. I find it impossible to have full moments of external silence and not even one moment of inner silence. Perhaps you don’t catch yourself thinking about that when it happens 😀

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      • You are welcome, Geetha. I am pretty sure my mind never silences. I may sone out, but that means I am not paying attention to the outside world. The cogs are always moving. I’ve tried meditation, however, it never worked because I was thinking about how silence int he mind would sound 🙂

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        • Ah ah ah, that is epic. Have you focused also on that strange noise that comes within your head when you put on headphones? It sounds like an untuned radio in the distance. I used to get random thoughts as well when I first meditated but with that technique, I was able to drown out all thoughts. After that I focused on my breathing in a very rhythmic way and now I can find inner silence whenever I need it to regenerate or just be by myself even in a crowd.

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