Ours Undying Realms

Ours Undying Realms

22 April 2016

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Listen well

We speak in dreamtime

Son of skies

Sun of Earth

We bond beyond miracles

That hastened your birth



Your sinking flesh dives

Into blue

Air bubbles

You are diluted endless

Our tool of the light


Blue in red

Knotted now the thread

Three circles

End the spine

The will then spoken divine

My blood daily wine


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Courtesy cosmicpsychic.com


Sink your lips

Into my fountains

We chose you

Moon goddess

The tongue more than mere prowess

Pathways to the Gods


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Courtesy pinterest.com


Purple hues

A lost world renews

Blessings born

From womb torn

The openings of wet tides

Dragon tamer rides


He springs forth

The second coming

The mother

A blue bride

Beginning in the ending

The circle is squared


The flames flared

Illusion a wisp

Of dying

Grey kingdoms

Hastened to the fleeting helms

Ours Undying Realms


Reading of the poem: 

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Courtesy perierga.gr


No Ordinary Love – Sade

Love is Found – Sade

Paradise – Sade

Your Love is King – Sade

Kiss of Life – Sade

Nothing can come between Us – Sade

5 thoughts on “Ours Undying Realms

  1. Hi Geetha! I think I may have missed a few of your poems. Later in the day I only have iPhone access and your poems wouldn’t load at all on my iPhone because your blogs have so much media on them. Anyway, glad to have caught up to you today and thank you for a dose of otherworldly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Marissa. Thanks for the reading and no issues about the missing. It might well have been the case but that’s alright as I am guilty too lol. I lost count of how many posts I missed on blogosphere because I could not read them in the reader. I have very little time now during the weekdays and am missing out on a lot of poems but I have to at least write my own or I’ll go beserk 😀


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