I remember a song hummed low in history

I remember a song hummed low in history

(Poem originally written in Shakespearian sonnet in Alexandrin, translated into English. See original here or here)

10 December 2016

Courtesy pinterest.com


Way beyond these words pale intention resonates

Out of measure in a closed cup of atrophy

Cutting sharp in these woes attention to the pain

Well below the wearing vein ensures embolism


Are there in these meadows any horses to feed?

Barriers ruminate a stack of hay to spit

Vow to skies cypresses found guilty of rotting

See these nonchalant trees from the heights tear away


Sheltered in the fir tree birds keep delaying Death

Righteous skies sweeping intrepid horizons

Cold scents of a morning the chapped lips opening

For clearing a pathway of the tasteless unsaid


I remember a song hummed low in history

Emeritus pardon spinning straight in trouble


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy sky.com

Ostanus – 312

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