Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

23 September 2015


Some of you ask about my father now and then and I am very grateful for your concern for his health and your good wishes for a long life for him. As it is, he says that he has outlived the prediction of 65 years he was supposed to live as per an astrologer in India so he adds laughingly that all of this is bonus and to soon reach 84 is something he is very excited about.

From my side, I am very grateful for this opportunity to spend these years with him and for the fact that we will soon be celebrating in a lighter way the anniversary of an episode that could have almost led to his death (see my post “The plight of the elderly in India” for more détails if you are not of those who are aware of the whole story). Instead of a commemoration, we will be celebrating his life as it will also soon be his birthday.

For those of you who wanted some more concrete news, suffice to say his Alzheimer almost seems to be reversing. He remembers a lot of things and now no longer forgets things that happened the same day or the day before. In fact he is able to remember items that have been stored in his short-term memory since a couple of days and even a few weeks. He still walks around upright despite all that he has been subjected to and from time to time has a small walk around or basks in the sun. When I mentioned to him that some people he did not know at all from the internet were asking about him, he was very pleased and asked me to convey his regards back by way of my blog.

This has always been a peaceful house albeit a mad house in other ways but it is now even more peaceful with my father’s presence and every day is a witness to how good it is for grandchildren to have at least one of their grandparents close to them.

Some of you also asked about how the case was going regarding his land grab but unfortunately India it seems, regardless of which government is at its helm, remains a very corrupt place at too many levels for anything positive to materialise whether in his lifetime or even in mine. We are therefore leaving the matter to a higher justice in the absence of a proper system in India.

Below some recent pics of him back from his walk and still basking in the shades of the afternoon sun although Inside the house.




6 thoughts on “Celebrating Life

    • Thank you Deborah. He is a very interesting and good man; he did a lot of pro bono work as a doctor and truly embraced the vocational side of being a doctor. Today you feel doctors want to prolong your illness instead of helping you heal.


    • Thank you Meg for your kind words. If you were to meet him in the flesh, you would be quite impressed as well. He is an encyclopaedia about the Mahabaratha and the Ramayana and is very knowledgeable on many matters of history (unlike me 🙂 who am useless with history and even the mere concept of time) as well as politics (another subject I am useless at). He was a very good, ethical and compassionate doctor and continues to give some western medical advice or ayurvedic tips to us. Aside from that it is awe-inspiring to see him so full of life and energy, always looking at the bright side of life. My children and I are so blessed to have him with us at home.

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