English translation below (A Alessandro de RISE)

16 janvier 2016

dénouement dailymail co uk
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Ecorchure en mots

Peau qui coule


Alignement de mon être

Musique funèbre naître



Invincible élan



Obsession de tous les temps

Passé imparfait


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Les tumultes

Flots de cœur avide



Richesse de boyaux limpides

Cristaux pour rivière



D’autres sens reprennent



Je nage fort contre-courant

Les vagues mon tombeau



Une paix retrouvée



Il me tient la main de loin

Traverser l’enfant


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As I realised some of you are kind enough to like my poems in French even though their French is a bit rusty or some just because they like the images and the feel of the poem without understanding much I have resolved whenever I can to put up a translation in English. It is difficult because the French language allows you to hide many more meanings into the same sentence and I find it less possible with the English, especially if one wants to respect the poetry rhythm and requirements. I have attempted to keep the below a Shadorma (in between brackets figures the correct translation of a word that I might have changed a bit to keep the Shadorma syllable count and in one instance I have put up another possible wording where the French word has more than one meaning). Thanks as always for your comments and encouragements 🙂



(To Alessandro from RISE)

January 16th, 2016

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Abandoned (Abandonment)

Flaying of the words

Skin flowing

Tuning fork

Alignment of my being

Mourning music born



Invincible force (momentum)

To preserve

To safeguard

Obsession of all Tenses

Past, the imperfect


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The tumults

Waves of hungry heart


To invest

Wealth of my transparent guts

Crystals for river


Abandoned (Abandonment)

Other senses sum [meanings] (resume)



I swim against strong current

The waves are my grave



A reacquired peace

Very slow


He holds my hand from afar

Crossing through childhood


dénouement illuminatingsouls com
Courtesy illuminatingsouls.com


Alain Souchon – Les regrets (Clip officiel)

Mylène Farmer & Jean-Louis Murat – Regrets (Clip Officiel)

Il divo & Celine Dion – I believe in you

24 thoughts on “Dénouement

  1. I enjoy both versions but felt more comfortable reading it in French, the language it was written in. I agree, there are many things which are lost in translation. Beautiful, as always, my friend

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Swetha. I am glad you appreciated also the images. This time the images took much longer to find than writing both poems 😀 Perhaps one of the reasons is that most are now with tags like colourbox, 1234, etc right across the image and you can’t use them without paying the copyright. I am so grateful to those artists who share their art and do not stop you from using it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know what you mean, I too put in quite a lot effort in picking the right image, one that relates to the write up and speaks to the readers. It is truly very generous of artists who put their work out there for others to use…

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  2. Living my whole life in New Orleans. I have learned a little french but I will admit not enough to work through poetry written in french. Mostly bc I use context to decipher words I don’t know.

    So thank you for the translation, Geetha!

    I love this one. You are so good at feelings and images associated with the passing of time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome Eric. Great that you have learnt French, maybe with the translation you now read it again with a different view. Thank you so much for your praise, I feel truly honoured. Perhaps it is because I have grappled with Time so much refusing its presence that I have developed a full range of feelings about it that I can pen down 🙂

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  3. Beautiful work. I understand your comments about meaning being lost in translations. There are words in languages that just don’t translate as well. A table is a table. A bird is a bird. But there are words that contains emotions or colors in their meaning, and they just can’t be translated the same way. With that said, this was beautiful, your original French piece must be extraordinary.

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  4. Marvelous poem! You’ve penned some wonderful phrases, all stirring the emotions. Several of my favorite lines, “Mourning music born”, “Obsession of all Tenses” and “The waves are my grave”. Truly lovely!

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  5. I know un petite français (is that even correct? LOL!)…not enough to fully understand your French version but enough to know that I was on the right track having then read the English translation. Thank you for providing it. Very well written and thought provoking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much (un petit peu or un peu de français) for reading and appreciating even the French version. I am glad you liked it and it inspired thoughts 🙂


  6. Lovely images and I must say that even though I do not really read french, the translation you provided showed me that my impression of the verses meanings were not too far off ! Delightful! Thanks ! : )


    • Thank you William and am even happier to have translated into English with your comment. The images took more time to find than writing the poem that simply flowed so am really glad you appreciate 🙂

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