Free verse

Hush hush now

She breathes sunlight

I have a will to survive

In Time we will see them flourish

Tomorrow I will bear no weight

The beast in me walked for a death to instill

As grows stronger my rising fist

We were once swans

Time slowly passed me by

I yearn for your untouched skin

Finally I set me free

Of forgotten sorrows

Unbreak me not

All within

Spirit calling

Mother still my soul



Memory box


Beyond Heaven


To judge NOT walk on

Tell me you were here

Fallen arising

Twin worlds

In the stillness of my heart

La vérité nue

In the beginning

Multiply me in Love

In dreams

A night to devise a day to rise

Côte à Côte

Coeur inconstant


Lune espère Soleil

The moon hopes the sun

Toi et moi en opposition

Sens à sillons

Par loi, pare foi

Shoreline my meadow

Temps de vague

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