Friend in class


In my mind


Study of girl profile


Study of girl three quarters


Light in a dark cave


Tribute to Gauguin


My ex husband in the early years


Buddha looking down


Nude of a skinny maid volunteering to pose


A painting inspired by a picture of myself when I was around 30





Rose 2


Visage bleu chair


Poppies Alla Prima



fleurs rouges

oils 1Oils 2



Lea baby

Miro like cat
A Miro inspired cat 🙂
Purple flowers
Oil painting of flowers in a vase

Oil pastels and an oil painting

Sixth aquarelle : Isis

Trials of oils

Fifth aquarelle and sketch

Fourth aquarelle: Poppies

Third aquarelle

Second aquarelle

Resuming other arts




9 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. I have to second the sentiment expressed in the first comment to these paintings … you have talent, and you should continue developing it. Your second-to-last painting in this collection really spoke to me. What do you call this painting? It makes me think of passages and transformations, like moving through the womb of the Earth Mother, itself.

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