Swallow in the sun

Swallow in the sun

22 December 2014

swallow in the sun4


Engulfed in shadows

The earth seeks a source of light

As ice takes over

Cold draft stills the mind that seeks

Door ajar to inner light


A ray pierces through

From long forgotten valley

Where day lasts forever

Dumbstruck, in awe, I observe

As it shines, translucent, raw


Bathing in its warmth

A lizard stretches its tail

Remnant of past pride

What is lost is found anew

Says silent spirit to mind


Door closing bathes red

From light seeping through tight veins

That burn with the past

Blood to blood shall call again

As storms well inside abode


The boatman carries

Ten white lilies like ten souls

That start to wither

Will storm flood the lilies’ nest

Building darkness from unrest?


Flickering shadows

Trace a path to yesterday

Etched in my bosom

I yearn in silent sorrow

For two thousand years gone by


A fluttering bird

Rises in the falling dusk

Beak shattering door

Ice scatters around my heart

A thousand rays flow within


Swallow in the sun

Wings outstretched basking in heat

Soars above the earth

Its flight makes mellow my heart

That roared with winter’s approach

8 thoughts on “Swallow in the sun

  1. This poem actually has me stumped. I’ve bookmarked it, and will read it again later. I like it – in fact, I like it a lot – but I can’t really put my finger on exactly what it is that I like about it. It’s like this poem has its own aura … difficult to define, but very easy to like and appreciate. Actually, come to think of it, while I will probably come back to read this poem again, I’m going to do so without trying to define it – it would change my appreciation for it, and I happen to like this poem enough not to try to change how I regard it 🙂

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    • Some of the introspective techniques I use for self-knowledge and acceptance include traveling into my body (figuratively speaking) and studying the points of concern. Perhaps that explanation together with the knowledge of what the swallow represents could give some of the meanings intended with this poem. I have actually packed it with several references and meanings, maybe too many – which can make it seem obscure


      • Obscurity in a poem isn’t always a bad thing, as it can wrap a poem’s meanings in layers to the point that every time one reads it, a new meaning can be discovered. In that regard, a seemingly obscure poem can be a symbol for some fairly profound wisdom 🙂

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        • I agree. My father once made a comment upon reading my French poetry and I thought it was quite funny; he said my poetry was very rich with feeling and meaning and he said so much so that I am afraid that it might only be after your death that the meaning will unfold for many. I found it hilarious 🙂


          • With some of what you do, your father may not be too far off the mark … it is a different way of saying that you are ahead of your time. As long as you enjoy what you create now, when everyone else is able to catch up to you isn’t as important 😉

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              • I never thought I would hear (or read) myself say this; but I’m sure there are quite a few people like me, rather than simply ‘some,’ who understand and appreciate your creative efforts 🙂 And I am very happy that you enjoy what you do … there are some creative geniuses out there who feel driven and compelled to create, and take no enjoyment from what they do, other than the feeling of finally having the latest urge out of their system.

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                • Personally I think it would be sad to create and not be able to see your creation from the outside in order to appreciate it like anyone else. I understand the compulsion that drives as I have the same and feel I have to get the writing out of my system failing which I would actually feel physically unwell but when it is good I am able to appreciate it as if it were not mine

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