The timeless unwound

The timeless unwound

10 January 2016

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I looked at myself

Within a shadow of frames

Nothing defined me


I looked through myself

Within inner lights’ workings

Everything I was


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Sparse in all spaces

A sketch of what was to be

Grown into being


Density of sorts

Popping Russian wooden dolls

One within other


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Unwinding layers

Wavering and flickering

Discovering all


A process of sight

Juxtaposition of all

The whispering clues



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No process of change

Yet sight itself mutated

Embodied transfers


Axis slow dragged me

On a path of renewal

Soul’s petals unwrapped


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I am no longer

Only was all that will be

All that ever was


Water in ocean

The inward switching outward

Ocean in a mole


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Transient mutating

Permanent lasting stable

All that lies beneath


The time bound facing

Finding discovering bright

The timeless unwound


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Animated (gif) images courtesy of for the first two and for the last.

Birdie – Abel Korzeniowski

Sunset – Abel Korzeniowski

Stillness of the mind – Abel Korzeniowski

10 thoughts on “The timeless unwound

    • Thank you Ryan :). This is written as a series of Senryu 5/7/5 like the Haikus except that Senryus describe human feelings mainly (in a nutshell although not a precise distinction – more is under the tab senryu in the menu under Poems by poetic form)

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      • Yes – the senryu is, quite possibly, my favourite form. I think you’ve done a brilliant job continuing the thought over so many senryu stanzas. So much work goes into each one. Very nice 🙂

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        • Thank you so much Ryan. For some reason I could not reply from my phone. I love working on several stanzas and their cohesion. Initially I had started writing lone haikus and senryus and then somehow got into the habit of writing several thematic haikus or senryus together. I find it liberating to write many of them on the same theme 🙂


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