When the heart is clear

When the heart is clear

18 June 2020

Courtesy pinterest.com


Smothered chest

night’s dark reflections

to ponder

I gathered

the dreamtime’s buried landscapes

into wake of day


The wonder

Decomposing nights

into day

Through the light

we often recover sight

when the dark is cleared


Bosom reared

handiwork of soul

From the start

to the end

it always knows what to mend

when the heart is clear


Reading of the poem:

Shinnobu – Heal me

Queen of my kingdom

Queen of my kingdom

24 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell


When dawn wakes

Meet me in valleys

Where kings walk


The look of love a token

Riddled with the night


The stage fright

Through loss of the mind

Settles score

With the past

Memories hidden to last

Beyond the probing



My frame enrobing

When I walked

In the fields

Renewed I am now revealed

Queen of my kingdom


Reading of the poem:

B – TRIBE – Suave Suave

Tale foretell

Tale foretell

23 May 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe



Language of the birds

They bring tales

From graveyards

Keeping up with the black crowds

As the caller wails


The ship’s mast

Tearing rim of skies

Shearing edge

Broken lies

Fed to us through the waters

Wave humans alters


Listen well

They screech in silence

Show to tell

Tale foretell

Bearing bounty in the arms

We cave from their charms


Reading of the poem:

Maksim Mrvica – Nostradamus

Fleshy taste of strawberry

Fleshy taste of strawberry

13 May 2020

Courtesy creativemarket


The rancour

Now melting away

Mind knows night

Heart knows day

The soul in between to sway

Springtime steps astray


Summer bloom

Moves springtime too soon

Into past

None to last

Watching bearded chin to groom

Lost in the whiskers


Hidden fruit

Shielded from the eye

In darkness

Your lips curl

Fleshy taste of strawberry

I unearth slowly


Readng of the poem:

Iyeoka – Simply Falling

My heart blue and wild

My heart blue and wild

10 May 2020

Courtesy pinterest.com


Breathe within

My heart’s mysteries



The inner chambers obtuse

Clues to mind ended


Raise me steep

On cliffs of morrows


Powers urge

Fail to keep the very surge

Of my bosom’s fate


Hone me slate

Teachers to translate

The lesson


When I was a lonesome child

My heart blue and wild


Reading of the poem:

Gary Moore – Still got the Blues

Showering raindrops

Showering raindrops

10 May 2020

Courtesy twenty20.com


I fly high

Within bosom spread

My wings soar

Ever more

I am a kite in the sky

Through the clouds I fly


Nothing lasts

The hurt now swallowed

Deep within

We wallowed

Sunshine then struck off the pain

Shining through the rain


April’s crops

Showering raindrops

Summer’s hay

To follow

As we dance on the rooftops

Listening to May


Reading of the poem:

Mighty sam mcclain – when the hurt is over \ lyrics

My heart in a sling

My heart in a sling

5 May 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


The worded

Intentions that creep



My skin as they strike so deep

Within my chambers


I reply

In silent whispers

Wild at heart

I resist

The tame and familiar shore

That they have in store


I face it

Millenium stares

Into me

As I flee

The rhapsody beckoning

My heart in a sling


Reading of the poem:

Nina Simone – Wild Is The Wind (Live In New York 1964)

The wolves are calling

The wolves are calling

4 May 2020

Courtesy pinterest.com



From a place of peace

The lambs stray

None to fleece

Tidings set to opposite

Where we and they sit


The mighty

Fearful of the weak


Will come forth

We hail them the future times

Hidden in my rhymes


Hark listen

The wolves are calling

I hear them

Prowling on

Within my head I respond

My kindred freedom


Reading of the poem:

Muse – Uprising [Official Video]

Rendering delight

Rendering delight

April 29, 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe



Of movement in you

Lost in space

I retrace

Your body’s forgotten hue

The ink and the blue


When sun sets

I remember you

The sweet touch

Of your face

From a spent reality

In an unseen place


In eclipse

I reinvent you

Through the sight

In the night

When your features blurred in light

Rendering delight


Reading of the poem:

I’ll be seeing you – Billie Holiday

Within unity

Within unity

15 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


I was lost

In tempests I whirled



Stretch of imagination

Beyond all borders


Your blue heart

Revival of love



Held in infinite embrace

I rise to your call


Bosom beats

To rhythm of soul

The notes set

In the air

My breath is for lung to pair

Within unity


Reading of the poem:

Niyaz- “Shir Ali Mardan (Song of a warrior)” The Fourth Light Immersive Multimedia Experience