Fleshy taste of strawberry

Fleshy taste of strawberry

13 May 2020

Courtesy creativemarket


The rancour

Now melting away

Mind knows night

Heart knows day

The soul in between to sway

Springtime steps astray


Summer bloom

Moves springtime too soon

Into past

None to last

Watching bearded chin to groom

Lost in the whiskers


Hidden fruit

Shielded from the eye

In darkness

Your lips curl

Fleshy taste of strawberry

I unearth slowly


Readng of the poem:

Iyeoka – Simply Falling

9 thoughts on “Fleshy taste of strawberry

  1. Geetha, I am not being able to read your posts on my cell phone anymore. Not sure what’s the issue. The poems come out as a sidebar on the left hand side of the screen and I can’t zoom. The font is so small that I just can’t read, try as I may. Not seeing this issue with other posts.


    • Hi there, thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately I use a standard template so cannot change it as I would not know how. I am not sure what make your phone is but the poems show clearly on my iphone and my samsung as well.


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