The blurred lines of me

The blurred lines of me

27 July 2015

al tuo tocco 6 mystic_mantle_by_gilvany_oliveira-d4fvumi
Courtesy Gilvany Oliveira on

A glorious sun

Wakes to another day’s warmth

As eyes witness light


Noon fits my footsteps

With precise specks of shadow

That spell tales of none


Afternoon splits me

Crooked body speaks of tear

Between the two realms


Night brings its unrest

As shadows cover the Earth

Hooded beings walk


A gnawing fear pulls

At the strings of crimson dome

Morrows may not rise


It seems time has come

As I watch them slowly fade

The blurred lines of me


The moon stills my heart

From the pain of departure

I will set out firm

 angel_of_mercy_by_sweetx666 without border

9 thoughts on “The blurred lines of me

  1. Breathtaking poem – and your music selection brings back memories (I grew up listening to a lot of bluegrass and country-western music (much of my family lived in Kentucky, and I was raised in a Texas desert), and Alison Krauss was among my favorites!

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    • Thank you Stormwise. I grew up on a very large blend of musical choices but the first music I was exposed to was country music aside from Indian music. I wonder why country music was part of the music of my childhood as I grew up in Chennai, India until the age of 9 – not really the place one would expect to find country music 🙂


      • Geetha, I don’t know very much about India – and other than what I just finished reading in the Wikipedia entry on Chennai, I also know very little about your hometown – however, if you are in any way an example of what is typical for Chennai, I’m not at all surprised that you would have grown up with country music 🙂 Indian music was also a part of my upbringing – not the Indian music of India, but of Native American Indians; which I would imagine is somewhat different 🙂 With country music, like I said, I also grew up with this; but I fell out of the habit of listening to a lot of the more modern versions of it. The music I like goes back to a time I refer to as ‘the time when a fat old man could get up on stage and sing his own country songs,’ as opposed to a lot of the pop-country that has been circulating since that bygone age.

        What other kinds of music do you like to listen to?

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        • I listen to really very different types of music that range from New age, Trance, chillout to classical asian or western to rock including metal, punk, jazz. I think there is almost no music that I am not willing to listen to at least once although I have my préférences. Some of the préférences are public on my YouTube channel but some on the YouTube channel are private. I would say if the music does not sound totally discordant I would listen to it and appreciate it.


          • I can even handle some degrees of discordance in my music … what I don’t like is music that is filled with, or used to promote hate. That being said, if the music itself (not the lyrics) is aggressive, I think that’s just fine. I am probably one of the Offspring’s most dedicated fans, for example; but I am just as happy to listen to Loreena McKennitt or Simon and Garfunkel.

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