In composing miracles

In composing miracles

5 March 2016

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I hear sounds

Of Time’s chronicles

Whirring slow

Into place

As past merges in future

Confusing senses






They seize me and shake me dry

Of moist tenderness


The mind firm

Resumes exercise

Breathe life in

Breathe pain out

My shoulders squared I stand stout

Waging daily war


The slow breath

It is a wonder

As it fills

My ribcage

Reminder of beating life

That throbs in blue veins


Days remains

They spell the night’s trace

As it walks

Stilted pace

Forgotten the morning grace

As darkness now falls



Life was so simple

We flew kites

Hearts brandished

In composing miracles

We lived every wish


Reading of the poem: 

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Chopin Nocturne in D-flat Op.27 No.2 – Maksim Mrvica

Somewhere in Time – Maksim Mrvica

Hana’s Eyes – Maksim Mrvica



9 thoughts on “In composing miracles

    • Thank you Andrew. I actually did not mean it figuratively. There is a breathing technique I use – which also came to me in a dream like many things that simply come to me – which seems to be very effective for going past certain hurdles in letting go of past hurt and attaining forgiveness 🙂

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        • It is similar although the other technique is to release actual physical pain only. You mentioned that you had used the technique with some relief so perhaps you can use the same for “moral” pain or items that require forgiveness. Basically, like in the case of a limb/existing physical part of yourself, you actually concentrate on diffusing your air energy into the visualisation of the event which caused the moral pain and at the same time concentrate on the person(s) having caused the pain. You then imagine the evacuation through air energy and this time going through your heart (you actually visualise the air penetrating the heart coded blue and leaving it coded red and infused with light). Basically you recycle the emotion using the visual vibration of the heart and the air energy carrying capacity for the hurt.
          I am not sure this sounds like nonsense to you but this is the technique I use and it has been successful for me


  1. This is amazing, Geetha.
    But I think I love these lines the most:

    The mind firm

    Resumes exercise

    Breathe life in

    Breathe pain out

    My shoulders squared I stand stout

    Waging daily war

    A often shared sentiment of mine.

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