The Human in me

The Human in me

15 December 2015


robot theguardian com



I move slick

A charm enticing

Your wits weak

My fits seek

In between threads and laces

Convulsion extreme


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A tight sip

Like Havana’s blend


Mocha cream

My body exotic dream

For spirit supreme


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Body dip

Like the latest trend

Go on let

Senses blur

Instil now breathing spaces

Between love and slur


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Now switching commands

The whirring

The whining

Undeniably shining

The Human in me


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Human Behaviour – Björk

Hyperballad – Björk

All is Love – Björk



15 thoughts on “The Human in me

  1. This is beautiful and reminded me of Bicentennial Man starring Robin Williams…wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find the human inside of us more often?:)

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