Dark castles

Dark castles

25 May 2016

karol bak youtube com
Courtesy Karol Bak on youtube.com


Ghostly trace

Of a million sighs


Bleak efforts

Toppling over heart denies

As the Earth rumbles


Small pittance

The remains of hay

Thrashed over

Wane thresholds

Thunder starts stomachs grumble

Craving grains of wheat


Dark castles

They prepare red soils


With the spoils

The heads to one side tumble

Precision in cut


Lost the day

When future was bright

The choices

Follow fork

Right or left no in between

Twin future unseen


Turn around

Time flows up and down

The middle

A loophole

Breathing space from where we stole

New moratorium


White castles

Contrasting landscapes

From bosom

Sigh escapes

For the narrow encounters

Brink of destruction


Reading of the poem: 

karol bak pinterest com 35
Courtesy Karol Bak on pinterest.com

Angel of Sorrow – Arcana

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