The falling leaves smile

The falling leaves smile

18 October 2015

leaves deviantart com fallen_leaves__by_mjob-d5zpspx



Long wasted in wait

Time had come for the movement

That in the Heart speaks


Curtains rise falling

The morrow’s tales hang in past

From puppeteer’s strings


Wrenched free from lies’ clutch

Walking in Truth in Heart’s ways

Confusion melts soft


Inching away Grief

Rewriting slates has its ends

Within Heart of Truth


All sorrow is spent

Spirit sows in bosom Love

Of the highest kind


Untethered backwards

Climbing back into the Trees

The falling leaves smile


Ask for the meanings

Uncover the other side

Flow into Heartpath


leaves duncantrussell

7 thoughts on “The falling leaves smile

  1. I like this poem – in particular your association between truth and the falling leaves … it’s true, that once the leaves have fallen, much is revealed (perhaps one of the major reasons for why I love this season so much) 🙂

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    • Your comments are as always very insightful. Very few understand my poetry although some seem to have grasped the meanings. Yes, when leaves fall, there is a bare nakedness which is then revealed – the naked truth as they say.
      Something stirring within us makes us always hope that what has Fallen will rise again against all odds and words are our only hope for countering gravity and the sheer weight of the mass that is sucked by and into its effects.

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