I hear your call

I hear your call

9 March 2015



Slowly clouds gathered

White pieces of tenderness

A balm in the sky

Soft infinite the heart seeks

An extension of soul lace


The moon pale looked on

Its tidal yearnings in check

Mate to sleeping sun

It gazed on from its castle

A prison for the weak mind


Fragrance of light danced

Amidst myrrh and argan oil

That trees bled silent

In hushed awe I watched you bleed

And bathe the earth in incense


Wisps of night fell stark

As desert gloom covered all

Yet the grass grew thick

Thus in radiant defiance

Your luscious hair sprouted dark


Enthralled in white light

Wings weaving a starlit flight

A firefly pranced

Body dancing in bright tunes

You stood seven miles apart


Engulfed in darkness

Yet emerging to the light

Earth stood in two minds

Between two worlds eye to eye

Flickering recognition


The wind listened hard

Breathless anticipation

Shook its mighty frame

I hear your call as I wake

To your iridescent flames


The fire now raged

Crimson streaks across the sky

Made the embers bright

As souls’ fire spread on strong

Your voice lit the roaring flames


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