And the sea roared

And the sea roared

30 December 2014

sea roared7

The sun kissed the clouds

Rising slowly from their midst

Its pale face glowing

The dew responds with a sigh

As it rolls down trees like tears


Leaves rustle in wind

That grows with sunlit kisses

Gathered from the clouds

Yesterday hopes were so high

But night had trickled in fears


The clouds lit with flames

Shake their silver frame anew

Welcoming embrace

Their entwined rays light my heart

With promises of morrows


The path stretched winding

Lanes crossed gardens and bushes

That swelled with dewdrops

My heart in unison swelled

With the oncoming sorrows


Cobbled stones shining

Lay strewn across swirling lanes

Like diamonds in crown

Scintillating thoughts hover

In whirlpool that rakes the mind


Blue horizon stirs

In wake of morning calling

As seagulls echo

Mew of forgotten lover

Shrill broken shards leave behind


Silken sand beckoned

Enticing golden body

Glowing with sun’s rays

A moment of soft rapture

Instant suspended in time


The white shells reached out

Life stood still and the sea roared

Its hunger patent

I felt the blue sea capture

All those hopes that once were mine


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