Of our flesh united eternal altars

Of our flesh united eternal altars

(Translation of an Italian sonnet written in French. Original version here)

1 May 2016

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Distances ennobled in the fringes of emotion

The heart hugs hard while the brain slanders

Outdated established the limits of this me

Old pride in oneself death that the inside predicts


Basic rule restored the merger only law

Entanglement fate that destiny expedites

Weakened resistance pliability a good sign

That the dance of our bodies dedicates to this future


I live of firm illusions floating between viscera

Infinite blue dreams seeping into me at night

So ambiguous the terms of these words that lacerate


Empty unpunished words the giant watering can

Flooding hearts that germinate like a vast paddy field

Of our flesh united eternal altars


Reading of the poem: 

elements twinflame
Courtesy twinflame.com

Love is a mystery – Ludovico Einaudi

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