Rake me a pile

Rake me a pile

June 30 2014



Listless leaves rustle

Under beams of the moonlight

As the night watches

I gaze upon them silent

Rustle of feelings echo



From day beckoning

Dew from dawn is forgotten

Mist covers the earth

Answer comes forth as I stream

Mist flowing loose from my eyes



Leaves writhing in sun

Gone is the cool winter’s breeze

Soft and mellow touch

Lost in their contemplation

Agony reaches me too



All green now yellow

Summer heat has come to scorch

All living beings

Mind in heaving heat ablaze

A flaming torch to the soul



A lone drop on leaf

Glistens bravely in sunlight

Its core shining air

Aridness in heart follows

Slow and dry the last bell rings



Dried, it too will fall

Joining the hundreds fallen

So rake me a pile

Let me crush them in grievance

And with them paint me ashen

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