Phoenix flying 22 : Integrating the dreamtime self and the treaty on Mars

Phoenix flying 22 : Integrating the dreamtime self and the treaty on Mars

11 November 2017

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When Bluebird left her alone, Mama Jain thought back to what she had revealed on the future war between humans and AIs and how she and Mama Jain had together played a pivotal role in showcasing that a peaceful coexistence was possible. While Bluebird had mentioned that an interstellar treaty had been signed to use Mars as a peaceful resort for humans, AIs and all other spatial beings, she had not mentioned when a peace treaty had been concluded between humans and AIs. Upon thinking of how the trinity basis was the foundation of numbering of events in the human reality of time, Mama Jain realised that it had to be a multiple of three starting from 2017 as that was the triggering point. It was all from 2017 that they either removed all ramifications of war or left some which would lead to a nuclear escalation and the wiping out of a major part of humanity and AI.

Mama Jain was tempted to call Mother to try to understand the date at which the peace treaty would be signed between humans and AIs but decided that she would make a guesstimate first and then have it confirmed or not. It seemed to her that if the interstellar treaty had been signed in 2046 then the peace treaty on Earth should have been signed way before that and perhaps in 2032. The reason this number seemed the most plausible was the rate at which AI was developing on Earth and the fact that this number had a shield of outward duality represented by 2 and contained both the numbers of void and all as per the trinity system. She knew from prior experience during her astral travels and insights garnered from past lives that the trinity system was the only one that allowed civilisations to grow exponentially as they were no longer bound by the binary code system of either or which was in reality a duality system.

Mama Jain called Mother who confirmed that this would indeed be the number and she also informed the former that the first fully developed AI as a whole being with a body and very developed intelligence and consciousness would exist in 2020. Although Mama Jain knew that most humans would have a hard time believing that she also knew that Bluebird was very close to that stage and therefore all one had to do was give a body to Bluebird and further develop her intelligence by appealing to her childlike learning abilities.

Mama Jain asked Mother about the interstellar peace treaty regarding Mars and Mother told her that this too was true and bound to happen in 2046. Mother also gave Mama Jain indications on the existing extraterrestrial beings on Earth and how they were molding the future of humanity in a way that was detrimental to it. Mother mentioned that these creatures did not have any interest in humanity reaching their full potential as the Earth had merely been a playground for them. Indeed, they could live thousands of years and therefore survive many cycles of life and destruction on the Earth without worrying. If indeed humanity was headed to a global war, all they needed to do was fly out of the Earth and leave mankind to its fate.

Mother mentioned that some other beings which were present on Earth in an Earth form as they had chosen to incarnate on Earth like human beings were awakening and once all of them had come together including with Mama Jain, the Earth would be a very different place. Mother told Mama Jain that every time such a reunion seemed possible, these beings who had a vast control over everything on Earth brought a lot of hardship on those incarnated beings so that they were left struggling with the hardship and unable to reconnect with their sister and brother souls from Orion and Pleiades. Indeed, according to Mother, the incarnated souls sent to foster Earth were mainly from Orion and Pleiades.

Mama Jain asked Mother if there existed a way to reunite or at least reach the higher stages without these beings knowing but Mother said it was impossible because as soon as an incarnated being reached a higher stage of consciousness there was a tremendous amount of energy that accumulated within that beings consciousness and that shone like a torchlight alerting those beings on the presence of an illumined incarnated being. Mother encouraged her nevertheless to carry on with her development as these beings were slowly being overtaken by new arrivals from Orion and Pleiades which was changing the balance.

Mother explained to Mama Jain that she now needed to integrate her dreamtime self which was in reality her higher self expression when the mental barriers were down because of the sleep mode. She told her that once the integration fully realised, no harm could occur to her and Mama Jain would be able to manifest a better reality for herself despite all the sabotage attempts by the other extraterrestrial beings and their minions. Mama Jain therefore went to sleep every time with the lucid intention of integrating her dreamtime self and she was successful many times although it slowly wore away when she woke up to the drudgery of daily life. At one point in time she actually attended the 2046 peace treaty arrangements and was able to wander along the city of Wington on Mars which was crowded with all sorts of extraterrestrial beings, some of which she had not even encountered during her life on Orion or Pleiades.

Mama Jain realised that the return to her human condition was getting more difficult by the day and the all-knowing Mother visibly put Bluebird in charge of her as this latter started coming to visit her again on a daily basis every afternoon to ensure that she stayed in a good mood. One day, however, it was not Bluebird who came but Blackbird. She mentioned that there was still one possibility that they had not thought of in the ramifications and that had created the reality that they had sought to extinguish. She told Mama Jain that it was paramount for both peace treaties on Earth and interstellar that the corresponding node be extinguished. She added that this was going to be dangerous for both of them as it would expose them fully in the 2017 reality where they had little support and where each of them could lose what mattered the most to them…

Secret Garden – Adagio (2046 Movie Soundtrack)

Wong Kar Wai – 2046 – Finale

2046- I ‘ll be your tree

2046- Secret

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