Burn it in the cold

Burn it in the cold

28 July 2015

burn it by Kleber Paolucci photoshopcreative co uk
Courtesy Kleber Paolucci on photoshopcreative.co.uk

The night died today

Wasted in rise of morning

As the raven sighs


Grass scorched in the sun

Breathes off night’s delicate touch

As it lights and churns


The nightingales weep

For pallor of their slight wings

Shine not through morrows


Take this wheezing chest

And while it shivers and throbs

Burn it in the cold

burn it ravens_flight_by_jayderosalie thewitcontinuum wordpress com
Courtesy Jayderosalie on deviantart.com

4 thoughts on “Burn it in the cold

    • Thank you 🙂 . I really appreciate all your comments, especially as many people – even those quite close to me – tell me they have difficulty understanding my poems although most like them. I forgot to add although I did it on my Facebook poem page that in all the Haïkus I write, the last word of each line in a stanza makes up a thought or even a sentence. It is rather easy to compose the sentences or meaning conveyed 🙂


      • How long have you been composing haiku and tanka poems? At the same time, I already partially said this in a comment to another of your poems: getting to know your symbolism (for symbols are interpreted differently from one person to another) helps me to get to know you better. For that reason, I hope it does not offend you if I ask for explanations from time to time, I mean it as no offense 🙂

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        • Although I had always liked the art, I think my first trials at writing Haiku and Tanka started back in January 2014.
          When I read your comment again I was thinking that perhaps it is because there is always a bit of the actual personal life that seeps into the poems aside from the spiritual research. As far as symbols go, I have actually found that even for me they might mean one thing once and a totally different thing altogether depending on the mood of the moment or the circumstances of life experienced. A typical example would be the moon 🙂
          And no, I am not offended, far from that. I always appreciated interaction with others whether intellectual, spiritual or emotional.


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