1 February 2016

together entertainment ie



Fusion of senses

The known you

The Unknown

I see it fused everywhere

Daily acquaintance


Now which hue

It matters never

Whether you


Your essence seeps through it all

It is always you


We search lost

It finds itself lone

Counting days

Withered nights

There is a being to hone

When you quit shadows


All the wrong

Packed tight like sardines

Clinging hard

Anger’s bard

He will spread you in a song

Dead end in gallows


The blame game

It plays by itself

Inner minds

Recess lost

Recreation illusion

Of bleakest darkness


Mind’s prison

Casts soul behind bars

We are made

By ourselves

Dipped in candy laced in ice

Scream if you have to


We can war

Perhaps we can love

The reasons

So many

Temptation a certainty

Though not either way


Into light

We walk like children

Rivers high

Defense low

We shed every hurt we know

Love wakes from sadness


Speak of loss
Or of warm sunshine

They slip lips

And lost wounds

Deep and red like bread and wine

Into each other


I look on

Our shadows so white



Entwined in the growing bliss

Nothing here to miss


Reading of the poem: 

together saurabhchawla com (2)


No Clear Mind – Alone and Together

No Clear Mind – When you’re not here

No Clear Mind-By Your Side


24 thoughts on “Together

  1. Just got done reading all the poems I didn’t get the chance to read yet. Really beautiful Geetha….I so enjoy reading you. I wish I could listen as well, but for some technological reason that escapes me, the recordings show up blank when I visit your site :/ …perhaps my browser or windows version aren’t compatible with that aspect of wordpress…idk?..I’m very much a neophyte with such things..
    .Anyway, hearing the poems read aloud would have been nice, but just reading them in silence or aloud myself is more than suffice. 🙂


    • Thanks a lot Mark. I am far from being done reading as I follow over 200 people. Methinks I have to reduce that. As for hearing, when you press first nothing might happen but if you press again inside the track it should start

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      • Wow, I don’t think I’d have enough time in the day to follow 200 sites!
        And thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work either. When I view your posted recording it has the stop and play button I can click, but the time indicator stays zeroed out…and the play bar shows no movement, when I click that area still no activity. :/
        This is strange as I can listen to voice recordings on other posts with no difficulty. I’m stumped on this one.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is amazingly beautiful, Geetha! and I’m telling you now..if I ever write a Sci Fi novel that gets made into a movie…you are going to be the Artificial Intelligence’s voice in the StarShip! You have SUCH a wonderful voice! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think we all share those feelings or perhaps among the millions on blogsville only those who feel a kinship follow each other and like each other’s writings 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting

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