Tomorrow no more

Tomorrow no more

13 February 2015


 Silent voices called

The trees that relayed to leaves

Distant summer breeze

The sun shone on his dead skin

That sparkled in summer’s heat


A peacock spread out

Eyes alit with promises

Of awakenings

Tightly shut lids woke no more

To colours smeared across skies


The earth exhaled sighs

As waters bubbled in seas

That stretched vivid blue

Velvet languidly silent

Gushed forth with bubbles no more


Pale blue skies turned grey

Listless grass swayed to strong winds

Like wings of pixies

Fairy tales moaned of parting

As the mind like banshee wailed


Withered brown leaves writhed

Under winter’s sun that glared

Talked no more of warmth

Neither warmth nor melody

Reached the still mind in winter


Shadows changed their course

The river flowed now upstream

Undoing prayers

Spell-cast in its deep waters

That lovers took as refuge


Silver fish shimmered

Slithering among the blue

Tails blazing with light

Of mystic scales that split gills

Whispering waters spoke low


Earth cracked in blisters

For the pain of leaving you

As the birds too cried

I, chest heaving with goodbyes

Washed my face in your ashes







4 thoughts on “Tomorrow no more

  1. Thanks Mihran. The poem itself mingles several events in my life between recollections and visions.

    Your comment is so apt because aside from the actual circumstances that gave rise to the poem, I believe that the most important is the now for each individual because time (at least for me) is a continuum without beginning nor end and as you perfectly put it yesterday and tomorrow are both embedded in the thought of the individual today, in the now.


      • Thank you Mihran. I actually started writing a book but stopped it as I have really a lot to do so just keep my writing to poems and short novels. Other than that I collaborated with a few friends writing common short novels like “The Lady at the Bar” or writing poetry that is a twist of the letters or phonetic sounds sometimes of poems written by a friend. The reinvented poetry with the same letters are all grouped under the page Décalcomaxi and the original poem is usually indicated as a comment in the page of the re-invented poem 🙂 They are all in French though.


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