Angel Tears

Angel Tears

30 July 2016

Angels tears carlos queyedo raphael
Courtesy Carlos Quevedo on


Falling rain

Covers my meadows

Black prairies

Grass withers

Scorching sunlight seeps within

Land of the fairies


The woods speak

Their voices wooden

Like ship mast

Now downcast

We carry our crew like rock

Flags of soul breach seas


Feeble mock

Their hearts set in stone

Marble walls

Angels’ Tears

Within the dark veins strewn thin

In loss of the Love


Reading of the poem: 

angelstears carlos quevedo
Courtesy Carlos Quevedo on

Troth – Thomas Feiner

7 thoughts on “Angel Tears

    • I saw your other reply under Angel Burns but thought I might as well reply here. I am actually quite interested in what your understanding was once you had read the one which came before. It is fascinating for me to discover different perspectives (which is quite often the case with readers I interact with – whether privately or here as some do not wish to publicly put their comments) than that within which I had originally written my poem.
      To put in context the whole series, this poem is part of the series of dreamtime poetry related to the series of “dreams” I had the night before I wrote them all yesterday. First the content of Angel Ears came through, then that of Angel Burns and finally that of Angel Tears. I have reproduced the poems in that order of apparition as well.
      In essence an Angel who represents the rest of Angels interacting with us (humans) in my dream speaks of what is happening to the world and that is reproduced (albeit in my poetic interpretation of this dialog) starting from the beginning in “Angel Ears” where it speaks of a great change that is to come to the world potentially (but again this is shown in the form of a twin possibility) in the form of a horrendous war where many people (millions) would lose their lives (the reference to crimson fields) and in order to understand better during my dream what will happen, the Angel actually grants me his/its ears to hear what is going to happen (Angel Ears Prick my skin). Then there are bits of the dream which pertain to me personally which are a separate part of the dreamtime poetry that I have written yesterday and finally there is the resumed dialog with the Angel in Angel Burns and Angel Tears.
      This dialog with the Angel actually goes on from many of my previous dreams where for example I dreamt that paper currencies will not exist anymore shortly (in one of my poems I actually write that about watching paper catch fire as that is the symbol I was given in the dream to understand that currencies would not matter anymore).
      Before I say more on what is alluded to in Angel Burns and Angel Tears I would really be interested in knowing your interpretation 🙂
      Now having said all of that, do remember it is dreamtime poetry and I am not fully and nonsensically nuts 😀

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        • In some sense yes. The fueling of hatred and anger, etc which are all fear-based emotions. Basically, according to dreamtime dialog, there are only two types of energies which actually boil down to really one type of energy except that it can be distorted. I wrote a post based on that dreamtime dialog called “All is Energy”. According to those dialogs, there is only the energy of Love and the distortion of the energy of Love (upward cycle of the energy) is what gives the energy of fear (downward cycle of the energy). If we were to only know Love, then we would be always in the upward cycle (and apparently then we simply cannot stay on Earth because we would not fit into the Energy that exists here).
          I hope that does not sound too loony 😀


        • In Angel Burns, the dream shows a desert land (which is given to show as being where I live but then again I don’t know whether that is incidental to my reality which I use as fabric for dreams). In this desert land, a blood sacrifice of royal blood is carried out to ensure that the moon faction (the ones opposing the sun faction) will be able to continue their rule. However this sacrifice does not work out and the power of the moon faction is waning so scripts can be produced (which I read during my dream) and which negate most of what is told to us in the book religions. Essentially, the Angel has no religion. He/it is a creature of God and God has no religion so the Angel has no religion. He/it says that what is important is the remembrance of faith but not the actual faith system itself. There were other talks on Love being the diverting factor to the disaster we are heading towards (a global nuclear war) on the basis that practicing and sharing only Love allows the energy system to be corrected towards the upward cycle rather than spiral off into the downward cycle from which it cannot resume an upward cycle without having to have a full “cleansing” like a system reboot (this reboot is also something I put in one of my poems called “My system failure” which alludes to other dreamtime poetry dialog)

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            • Yes, in case of interest and if you have time, you can go through the post “All is energy” and let me know your thoughts. I found it quite relevant.
              I have to admit that although it is dreamtime writing, much of what the Angel says in the dreamtime makes a lot of sense and actually some exchanges have been of direct practical use to me to divert some very tricky situations I have had to go through in my life. I can’t explain it but a lot of it has had practical implications in my life for which I am very grateful. This includes the ability to heal through energy restoration which I use to help other people and which has been very effective for many and with measurable results. I have no medical expertise yet most of the time the answers on what needs to be done come to me in dreamtime. The actual energy is felt both by me and the person that I work with for healing during the normal course of the day but the answers for difficult cases come during dreamtime.


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