Collecting me

Collecting me

22 December 2011

Scrambled across the universe

Like a jigsaw puzzle scattered

Amongst thoughts so terse

While a snake soul flattered

Behold the leaves of destiny

Unfold in myriads of shapes

Twining, escaping all scrutiny

Disguises, pretences and drapes

Watch closely as mirrors shatter

From darkness by none alit

Pieces of memories to scatter

A thorn in rose, a wrist ne’er slit

Life roars with a hundred calls

Desperation is but a feeble’s hue

Fear not for what rises too falls

And what falls will rise anew

Prayers remain unanswered

As two will not be blended one

For a voice that is unheard

Feels not the glow of the sun

Gathering the essence to my chest

I dance to tunes of slow solace

Birds fly free but seek their nest

As sundown earth’s kiss does grace

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