Spiritual progression and Aura report

Spiritual progression and Aura report
2 April 2023
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Over the years, between my time in Dubai where I first engaged in healing and then Pranic healing and my time in the UK, I had experienced a sense of evolution feeling myself disengage slowly from material considerations and aspire to higher realms of consciousness.

I remember first arriving to the UK in December 2018 and then going for an Aura report in 2019 to determine at which level of my journey I was. At the time, my predominant colour was green and I was expectant of a continued journey into healing. During the years I was healing other individuals in Dubai, I had come to the understanding that this was probably one of my life purposes, if not my main life purpose. My work life took over, however, and I had little time to think of anything else. Regardless of these snags, I had undertaken to continue on my spiritual path through meditation and incantations and prayers from ancient Egypt, which I felt connected me very deeply to the cosmic energy.

I recently decided to have a second Aura report this weekend and was very surprised and pleased to see that I was progressing in the right direction with what I was doing in my daily life. To those who are able to get an auric report done, I would really recommend it as it shows you where you are in terms of your chakras, your overall energy and the level of progression you have made either in the material or spiritual world.

I am providing below snippets of the reading I had done for me by the lovely and always smiling Sankar.
Birds Canticum "Birds Requiem" Suite – Dhafer Youssef

The ticks clung on hard

The ticks clung on hard
7 April 2021

Courtesy Peter Braunschmid and Stefan Gesell
She was bedraggled
The fleas were like a waistcoat
spreading around her

She smoothed her hands down
over a sea of darkness 
It caused her to sneeze

The ticks clung on hard
Waves of red and black coloured
points where some pests died

Reading of the poem: 
NEUROQ - External Intention
Written in the context of Ronovan writes Haiku challenge using the words “fleas”, “sneeze” and their synonyms. For more information and to read other poets collaboration, follow the link here

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 352 FLEAS and Sneeze. | ronovanwrites


5 March 2021
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Mind rising 
encounters blockage:
I fly through with insistence 
a trip beyond seen

Meadows move
beyond my eyesight
born outside
they revel
in continued uprising
shunning my landscapes

Like snake dance
revealing the veil
is centered
My fingertips penetrate
edge of its tremor

Reading of the poem: 
Dinka - Wuthering Heights (Tribute To Enigma Mix)

Dinka – Wuthering Heights (Tribute To Enigma Mix) – YouTube

The dust had settled

The dust had settled

20 October 2020

Courtesy desktop wallpapers

Landscapes gyrating

Moon a backdrop of ashes

the Earth spun onwards

The soot filled the sky

fragments disintegrating

the ground split in flakes

Dirt strewn everywhere

the flowers lost to the weed

battles in gardens

Tea estates littered

cinders from the teeming pit

Magmatic plates moved

Soil’s upheaval

The hills turned into mountains;

valleys disappeared

Churning sand of time

Gradual recovery

the dust had settled

Reading of the poem:

Written in the context of Ronovan writes weekly Haiku challenge using the words “Dust”, “Weed” and their synonyms. Rules and other contributions available here: https://ronovanwrites.com/2020/10/19/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-328-dust-weed/

Massive Attack – The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval

Prince of Peace anew

Prince of Peace anew

7 October 2020

 Scalding memories
 Blisters in the soul that wept
 Abandoned all hope
 Scorching sunlight dimmed
 Shadows played with my mind’s eye
 Dusk fell on the plains
 A nightingale sang
 Darkness covered the window
 Black spiders shriveled
 A flutter in heart
 shaking off obscurity
 Wild thoughts bloomed inward
 Parched throat renewed odes
 Charred flowers revived colours
 The blackness withered
 A staff split curtains
 Shades of his heart shimmered through
 Prince of Peace anew 

Reading of the poem:

Prince of Peace Official Lyric Video – Hillsong UNITED

Ju-Long’s anger and Eu-Meh’s disarray

The third part of the series “The Malachite curse” for which I am now writing a sequel. I hope you will like the first three of the series published in 2014 without a common title to the series

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Ju-Long’s anger and Eu-Meh’s disarray

31 August 2014


“She was beautiful and good, an authentic generous soul who wanted to help others and did everything to enable her mother and herself to live in dignity after the death of her father. I saw her grow and know .. “said Ming-Hoa when the crash of a chair thrown back stopped him in mid-sentence. Startled out of his dazed state, he was surprised to see Ju-Long standing before him with clenched fists, his face livid, his eyes filled with a palpable hatred.

“Enough,” cried Ju-Long. “You do not know her old fool! You could not know her. To even think such a thing is a sacrilege, a crime against nature”.  With every word he inched threateningly towards Ming-Hoa  whose eyes, widened in surprise with their pupils dilated with fear, were the only area of faded color like silicon crystals in his pale…

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