The well calls me

The well calls me

24 June 2016

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Your shadow’s light

It beckons to me

Through the waning open walls

Dividing the space

Separating our hands


The reprimands

All things lose power

As your urging mind now calls

A token of grace

Recovery of sight


Nights unveil you

Iridescent ghost

Your visits transforming me

Daily nighttime host

My flesh your choice pasture


The melodies

Do you remember

They sang in our joyous hearts

Then grief seeped through

As you climbed stairs to heaven


Buried in soul

The melodies ring

As I thrive in your embrace

Sheltered by your wing

We fly into night skies


Upwards downwards

The journeys take turns

Revolving dissolving paths

The maps lost in Time

When innocence drew straits


The walls closing

They hold you within

This house of cards that tumble

As the paint peels off

Revealing your essence


Spiraling flight

You me and the light

Nothing compares to your face

Shimmering presence

I dive into your spark


The well calls me

Like ravens from dreams

I fall into the waters

As the trees grow tall

Around liquid grave’s dark


Reading of the poem: 

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Return 2 – Max Richter

Path 5 (Delta) – Max Richter and Grace Davidson

Dream 8 – Max Richter

20 thoughts on “The well calls me

  1. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while, Geetha … I don’t comment in here so much any more because there are only so many times I can write how much I like your work before it starts to seem to be done so by rote, losing its authenticity. If for only that reason, I’m glad I haven’t commented in here for a while, as it means even more for me to say that this poem – in written as in spoken form – is my favorite from you so far. While your poems all along have shown tremendous creativity and imagery, as well as a considerable command of at least the English language (I can’t understand the other languages you write in), this poem seems to combine your talents in a way that shows real poise and balance as a poet.

    The poem’s subject really reaches deeply – the title is as appropriate as it can be – and it evokes a response from a part of the mind that is hauntingly familiar for those who Dream or do journey work. The poem also suits your voice 100% – I could listen to your reading of this poem numerous times – this coming from someone who usually prefers to read a poem rather than listen to one. And yes, I will admit that your having included ravens in this poem scored an extra point or two with me, as well 😉

    I hope you are doing well, Geetha!

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    • Thank you Stormwise for your beautiful comments. I always love your comments and they never give the feeling of being worn out 😉 if that is what you were thinking. This poem is very much dreamtime journey and introspection all at once as it is from awake state and not the fuzzy actual dreamtime state. Now the ravens are my favourite birds with the nightingales as you must know by now. There is something about the night that just engulfs me and most of my poetry is composed at night if not dreamt of at night although I do write in daytime too. As for how I am doing, I must say I feel I am ebbing away from this world. It is a strange feeling of fully being and of fading away. It’s a feeling of full meaningfullness of the world and at the same time it feels meaningless and not meant for me. I can’t fully explain it. I hope you are doing well.

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      • I’m glad my compliments don’t get old or worn out – gods know, you certainly provide enough material to compliment! As for your feeling of ebbing away from this world, perhaps you need a change of location? Somewhere where your insights and creativity can make immediate, positive differences? If not a change of location, then a change of focus? It would be sad to lose your voice, or others like yours, as the world needs such voices like never before.

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