Embracing nothingness

Embracing nothingness


The waves of yesterday time and time again wash over me

Like nothing ever meant anything or was ever meant to be

Time passes like an endless river made of sweet nothingness

My heart and mind flow softly into that empty wilderness


I feel nothing and the nothingness eats my sore sockets bare

I feel nothing and the nothingness is my only fair share

I am nothing and the nothingness fills me up to the brim

I am nothing and nothingness is the only milk I skim


A million times I am forgiven but will I forgive me?

Empty shell I have used carelessly the spoon against me

Striving tirelessly with others to drive the yoke out of me

Of any joyful tomorrows I am now forever free


Take these empty hands and pour into them a life that suits thee

Put a drop on my tongue, a hope, a taste of a remedy

Nothing will ever stir within, nothing will ever reach me

For I live my life in a blur, that is all there has to be


I am lost to the world and the world lies forever lost to me

I am blind to hope and hope, unmoved, unseeing, passes me

Is there nothing beyond my look, no horizons I can see?

And the emptiness beyond and the emptiness within? Me!

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