The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Six – Transcendence or the path to the Creation of the Essence

The Spirit Lovers

Chapter Six: Transcendence or the path to the Creation of the Essence

18-19 November 2015


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Rita sat to write again the words that flowed from the music just as I had told her to do so. I watched her through the looking glass as she sometimes got irritated with some of the words that meant nothing really to her. We knew she was a creature of Love so we always gave her the messages through imagery and music of Love and she picked up well the flow but did not necessarily understand what she was doing.


I look at you as you watch her too, wondering why we had not thought of sending the messages directly before. You glance back at me and whisper in my essence “You know that can never be done in the beginning. It has to be a dialog so that they can fit in comfortably in the beginning and then we just need to send additional prompts once they are mature. If we were to send isolated prompts right from the start they would just remain puzzled like with the number prompts we send”


“True” I acknowledge. I peer into what she is writing through her mind and am quite pleased at how she is getting used to the meaning albeit without fully figuring it out.


“In Time we will give her additional prompts and codes” you say as you warp into my essence. Let us go back to Source now, we can’t keep a watch over her all the Time.


“She is getting weary though when we orb with her in dreamtime” I say a bit worried. “I wonder whether she will get used to this constant change in Time that we need to submit her to so that her mind and heart open up more” I say out loud looking back at you.


Rita pauses in her writing and looks up with the distinct impression of someone staring at her. She calls out softly : Kayla, is that you? Do you want to see what I have written?


I move further from the looking glass and from you motioning you to remain silent and simply watch her as she gazes right through the looking glass seemingly at us. She smiles and waves and I stare back at you puzzle. “She can’t possibly see us” you say reassuringly but we both know that she somehow feels our presence on the other side.


Rita sits back at her rocking chair and proceeds to put the laptop again on her knees. Fine, she says, if you don’t want to talk to me, I will talk alone and you can answer me if you wish. She puts the words in the order that is flowing through her mind as she listens to the music and then publishes the resulting poem.


Circular dance in energy flow

19 November 2015


Orb essence of tides under lightbeams

Where blue meets the red split the square in sun’s radius


Crescent moon’s diffraction cracks’ halo

Still waters’ doorway to realities alternate


Fuse blue-red core in liquid portal

Parallel pivots a doorway to heartpath core split


Flow body through thin entrance’s seams

Knead essence liquid breath cross of levels five minus


Liquify shadows flames in the glow

Athena’s crescent moon in between worlds low vibrate


Waterfall in black queen’s hood regal

Liquid portal’s tight rope walk in condensed lightning lit


My hologram’s music here in dreams

Backward waters cut out Red on Blue, twin arcs rebus


Heartbeat frequency make rhythmic slow

Matter’s shape collapse in red expansion core dilate


Core in lightning’s backward loop’s fractal

Blue contraction coils gaseous substance emit


Breath essence loop in portals by teams

Axis magnet, Blue meets the red, metamorphosis


Circular dance in energy flow

Then rid the heart path core of low frequencies of hate


Spin through the portals twin parallel

Rotation of core seed through the molecular kit



Rita always wondered how the images just came up to her when she needed them. It was true that she used google to find images that would be suitable but still, how did those magical keywords then take her straight to those images that made her heart beat faster and assured her they were the perfect images that would go with the poem she had written? Rita sighed and stretched back in her chair. She was exhausted again and this Time she had slept off quite early so she did not understand how she had become this tired. She must ask Kayla she thought why so much Time was missing every instance that she felt this tired. She remembered going to the balcony but did not remember how she had got back to her bed and why it was that every bone in her body felt like it had been mishandled.


I perceive her thoughts and look at you questioningly. “Perhaps we ought to tell her more” you say quietly before warping into me again so we may reach her.


Rita almost drops the laptop from her knees, jumping with a start when we materialise next to her. Kayla, Kalen, she says surprised to see us fully materialised in front of her. What brings you here now? I thought you did not want to talk to me, she adds.


“We thought you deserved some answers” you say looking at her with a smile


Oh that definitely, Rita says smiling back


“I know you have been feeling weary lately” I say


Yes, there are also parts of the Time when we get together that just seem to disappear, Rita says. Besides, I really don’t understand why I am so tired even when I sleep early, she adds.


“Well” I say “we take you with us during dreamtime to show you more of the alternate reality we have set up and also how we go about transcending the matter. Of course we don’t have any real dense matter left where we are so we have to place you within a shield when we take you with us or you would lose all the dense matter that is within you and not be able to come back here” I add


What do you mean you take me with you within a shield in dreamtime, Rita says looking at us blankly


“We put you in a preserving cocoon and orb away with you like we orb ourselves from one place to another as you have seen us do” you say. “The only difference is that you do not transform like we do but we carry you along preserved and the resulting compression and expansion as we move through the portals is what leaves you exhausted as you feel the effect even though you are not fully subject to the forces. We only do this rarely though as it requires a lot of energy to transport you with us and we also create ripples in Time when we do so. We’ve had a long talk with Mother about this and she said it was necessary in order for you to expand properly so we thought we could spare the extra energy it cost us. We took some of it from the energy we stored when Martin and you were together anyway” you add jokingly.


Rita is still looking at us blankly and does not seem to get what we are telling her. You mean you are like aliens who abduct human beings and take them to other places and then these human beings come back talking about horrible experiments that they have been subjected to? she questions


“Don’t be silly Rita” I tell her firmly. “Were you ever subjected to any torture from us? Besides remember that we are no aliens. We are you and you are us, we just don’t happen to share the same Time and density of matter” I add


What do I know about what you do to me, Rita says slowly, a sense of doubt and mistrust clouding her face before it clears again. She knows intuitively that they have done nothing of the sort and knows Kayla enough to be certain that she would never torture her. Wait a minute, Rita says. If you are taking me with you, how come nobody around has aged when we come back? I had read and even seen movies where the person comes back to find that everyone they knew has become old or died in the meantime…


“You are being silly again Rita” you cut in. “We have mastered Time and can move in and out of a given moment with the precision of more than a nanosecond. There is no chance that anything would have been altered in the meantime. You are not moving in Time with us with Time actually flowing. We orb through zero Time in space until the point of our journey and orb back in zero time mainly using the portals that take us through Time’s fractals”


Rita starts laughing nervously when you say that. Speaking of fractals I can tell you I feel every bone in my body fractured in a million pieces, she says before adding and I am not sure that you have nothing to do with that.


“Well sometimes the journey is longer and your body suffers the various compressions and expansions as I said before. In fact, you often keep the trace of those shifts within your matter which is why some days you wake up with your body totally swollen and other days your body has got rid of its excess liquid again. As you must have understood by now with all the prompts we sent you, the portals are liquid and we use the fact that a large part of you is already water and only a small part needs preserving in the cocoon” I explain.


Well if you can orb me around and compress and expand me as you please, why don’t you give me a nice slim body to begin with and then do with it as you please during the journeys, Rita says half joking half-serious. In fact for that matter, you can also knock a few years off my face and body and that would not be a pity, she adds with an impish grin.


“Have you not noticed how your face keeps morphing? We even had you take many pictures after the first times that we were experiencing orbing with you back in 2010 and 2011 so that you would be able to track the changes within your organism. This actually serves as a reference for our future trials with others. Every Time we had some setbacks in our trajectory because of your shield that did not allow us to orb straight through the portals you had somewhat aged so we had to remove some of your age and we did not always get it right in the beginning. Besides, we also had to add or remove some of your dense matter – what you call fat tissues – and that was also somewhat approximate in the beginning as we had lost the agility in dealing with the dense matter that we no longer were used to” I tell Rita


“We’ve got it right now” you cut in smilingly “you must have noticed that you tend to always more or less look the same apart from some exceptions where you have been in overdrive and we cannot put you back together properly” you add


This whole thing sounds totally whacky, Rita says pensively. How do I know that I am not just simply as mad as a hatter and that I am dreaming all of this as well as literally imagining the both of you and Mother visiting me and telling me all of this. How can I know with certainty I am not imagining the flow of words that reach me and that it is not mere fantasy that dictates them to me? she adds looking at us with a rebellious glint in her eye.


You laugh and pull her towards us and we embrace her allowing our warmth to perfuse her body and still her beating heart. When she is pacified we slowly release her and she stands straight again looking at us with dreamy eyes.


I don’t understand most of the words or at least let us say that I don’t understand what it really means and I sometimes feel so useless piecing them together with the impression that this will be worth nothing and will never help anyone at all, Rita says her voice slightly shaking


“Don’t you worry” I say “Aside from the other archetypes that are also prompted and recognise the messages, there are also some people who will be able to decode properly what you have as output” I add smiling at her reassuringly.


But I don’t feel like anybody is actually using that input, Rita says. It all seems like an utter and full waste of your efforts and mine. Besides, I can’t keep doing this as not only I feel there is no ultimate real purpose in getting the information out there but I also earn absolutely nothing from doing this. I have to tend to my other responsibilities and ensure that I am getting proper income and this is taking out much of my Time that could be used in a more beneficial way, she adds a bit contrite.


“We have always provided for you and you have never lacked anything as you must have realised” you say looking at her intently. “Did you not realise that we have kept you maintained in this path so that you will evolve and despite your stubbornness in trying to go back to your old way of life we have kept reorienting you. The last time we did it was a bit brutal I admit but we had no choice as you were drifting back to a dark sleep where your awareness was fading away and we could not afford losing you after all the insight we had diffused within you over the years” you add slowly stroking her hair to calm her


I am sorry I am so full of doubt and rebellion but sometimes when I look around me I wonder if there is really anything worth saving in this world, Rita says feebly.


“Did we not show you what is worth saving?” I tell her softly


Yes you did Kayla, she says apologetically. I have to admit that every time I am feeling forlorn and drift away from this world to which I feel no kinship you offer me insights into its beauty and relevance for us all. Every time I walk in the garden and look around me I see your prompts, the birds in the skies flying in certain forms, the glimmer amongst the trees, the shades of flowers and the winding of their bloom, their beautiful fragrance, the glory of the sun as it warms my neck and the wonderful laughter of the children in the neighbourhood as they race past the house, she continues wistfully. I am grateful to you for when you whisper to my attention all these things as they allow me to brace myself and smile through another day, waiting for the Time when the music will flow and my fingers will pen that flow into something that someone, somewhere will understand and decode appropriately that we may all be saved and be able to finally go back home, she adds.


“Stay focused Rita. Do not lose hope. Mother has placed a lot of hope and faith in you. She has given you the wisdom of the owl and the heart of the lark. Use both in full balance and everything will be alright” I say before hugging her. “We have to go now” I tell her.


“Promise that you will keep doing what you are meant to do” you add, hugging her too.


I will, Rita says a bit tearfully. I need to get some energy now as I still feel depleted from the loss of Martin. Will you send me a prompt that will restore my energy?” she adds hopeful


“We are sending you new prompts that not only will restore your energy but will also give visual indications on that which is required to successfully collapse matter and cross the liquid portals” I tell her with a smile.


How will that be useful to anyone but myself, Rita cries out. I don’t understand what it says. I wish I had done Physics and chemistry as I initially felt inclined to instead of IT and economy as I finally chose, she blurts out.


“That is another story and is not really your fault. As we told you before, we have competitors who have come here but have remained enticed by the dense matter’s vanity enhancement and using this world as a means to entertain themselves amassing wealth in the meantime thanks to their knowledge of the portals and of Time’s loops. They often interfere with the ones we choose, trying to spin them out of balance and out of the chosen path. Sometimes they succeed but with those we protect, they are unable to affect fully. I will tell you more about that during another visit” I say. “We need to leave now as there are many things that need to be done and we are still not ubiquitous like Mother so need to actually leave you in order to tend to these other matters but we will be back soon, don’t you worry” you add


Rita watches us leave and as we leave, I throw some flowers on her path, leading her to the prompts that she hungrily latches on to, listening with bliss to the music as she fervently types away our encounter.





Oh, durga, divine mother, destroy my doubts, my fears and my longings, so I may be free to follow thee and find my destiny

Oh, Durga, divine mother, set me free of anger, hatred and belonging, so i can follow the path of my heart, in eternal surrender to thee, knowing I am thy child, resting in thy arms, knowing that thy are my mother, taking care of me in all circumstances

Oh, Durga, let me follow in thy footsteps, be brave as a warrior, fear no evil, be unwavering in my love and compassion, surrendering to the eternal ocean of bliss

Oh, Durga, lead me, not into temptation, but to thy heart, which is the nectar of the gods of immortality, teach me to be humble and brave, to become the one that I am

Durga, to your feet I bow down, and put my sorrows, my worries and all my distractions, so I can be really an instrument of thy power and compassion

Durga, mother of all, bestower of wisdom, may I drink from thy breasts, and rest in thy lap, knowing I am safe in all the world, asking for thy protection, nurtured like an infant, resting in her mother’s arms

Oh, durga, to you I set my heart, my courage, my love and my will

Take me as thy intrument, and use me to bring peace and the power of compassion into this world.

Oh, Durga, my heart is your heart. Take it as thine. And I am willingly your servant, lover, partner and pupil. I am yours. Thy bread and wine.


Taruna – Om Shanti

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti – Shiuli Subaya, Album Raa Maa

Durga Gayatri Mantra – Shiuli Subaya, Almbum Raa Maa



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