Finally I set me free

Finally I set me free

2 May 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


There was a time

Everything was possible

The sun shone on our naked bodies

Entwined in slumber

We gambled away our nights

The way to our soul never lost

I lived on the edge of your cliff

Hanging on to your every written word

The days gone in a drunken haze of you

All that you mouthed or voiced

My every prayer and belief

Then the night shifted into your eyes

Startling the deceit within

Out into the open space between us

I learnt to decipher the lies

Hanging like black cobwebs between us

I wove my way back to the surface

Escaping a deep black sea

That engulfed your traces

Finally I set me free


Reading of my poem:

Burying My Troubles – Melody Gardot

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