The Blair witch

September and December 2010


Boil, boil, many a human spoil

The blair witch out with the gargoyle

Keep your offspring and shelter your soul

Or never again will you ever be whole


Boil, boil, bring out of metal foil

The glistening thread of him in a coil

Stack the hearth and bring on some coal

Here comes wicked witch with a mole


6 thoughts on “The Blair witch

  1. I can’t help but look at this poem from two perspectives. One is the poetic perspective, your imagery is really vivid here – and creative (as usual, in your case), especially “The glistening thread of him in a coil.” The second perspective comes from having known more than a few witches in my life … the half of which would like this poem because they are the farthest thing from what your imagery would suggest (they would read a sarcasm, directed toward popular generalizations, in your poem); the other half of which would probably delight in displaying all their moles 🙂

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