Breaking through

Breaking through

19 February 2016

breaking carnegriff deviantart com
Courtesy carnegriff



In thoughts that shiver

Cold of World

That darkens

She stitches another yarn

Pitch black before dawn


Other half

Like jigsaw puzzle

I pick up

My pieces

A mirror broken in skies

Where I see through lies


Our hearts roam

Through the bitterness

Salted tears

Like sea’s foam

Lapping at our waking frames

Humanity’s games


breaking carnegriff deviantart com 2
Courtesy carnegriff


A blast wakes

I cry as it shakes


Mind’s playground

Softly killing me he sighs

As the dreamtime dies


I know life

Like butter on toast

And lemon

Acid stings

Souls on life’s fire often roast

Soaring flames like wings


Working spells

From my hidden wells

I summon

Deadly rings

A ghostly place where he sings

Songs of Unity


breaking carnegriff deviantart com 4
Courtesy carnegriff


This dream’s realm

A slave’s marathon

I conjure

Hammer’s might

Broken ties I take to flight

I am running free


The saviour

Lies but within me

He flutters

Gaping hole

My soul ushers in its twin

Finally we’re whole


Breaking through

It comes with a price

Nailed across

No haggling

I paid it now more than thrice

Trinity’s auction


Reading of the poem: 

breaking carnegriff deviantart comm 3
Courtesy carnegriff


Little boy in the grass – Aurora

Conqueror – Aurora

Murder song – Aurora

Half the World away – Aurora

I hear you calling (ballad version) – Aurora

Running with the wolves – Aurora


Into the light – Aurora


12 thoughts on “Breaking through

        • Well your understanding is not wrong as there is of that notion. In my mind there is also the fact that sometimes you have hidden knowledge within you like drawing from a well and aside from the knowledge there is also some sort of sixth sense and skills of perception we have deep inside us so we have to conjure them up, it is like bringing out magic from a hidden place. In that place, the spirit world and our world coexist and sometimes overlap, hence the ghost reference and the deadly rings. Deadly because if you cross over fully to the spirit world you cannot come back and you may also unite with the wrong spirit . Rings references also the union and not only the overlapping of the two worlds 🙂 . Then the songs of unity reminds that in our human selves we see ourselves as matter and therefore separated from the spirit world but in reality we too are spirit and the spirits know we are like them so to those that delve inside themselves and reconnect with their spirit selves, the other spirits (which could be some of our own spirit selves) sing to them these songs of unity. I am not sure this was more confusing than explanatory 😀

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