Into light shades of Balance

Into light shades of Balance

21 November 2015

Eve deviantart com sleeping_eve__from_adam_and_eve__by_angeliquechan-d67nawj


Indefinite scales

As the music seeps in me

The weighted dust balls


In memoriam

A glistening tune of morrows

Stillness in my mind


Breathing in the light

Passage to the underground

Wrought the cellar’s wine





A string of pearls’ theories

Into past waters


al tuo tocco 7


Swimming to the shores

Throbbing voice that sees through skin

Your heart my lighthouse


Coils moved upwards

Breathing out the fading shades

Brought the stellar shine


Quiet happenings

The petals had been seasoned

To last a lifetime




Elizabeth Schwarzkopf – Four Last Songs (Vier Letzte Lieder)

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