English poems

In scent’s memory

Hush hush now

She breathes sunlight

To touch, not divide 

The oncoming Tide

In the City of Angels

I have a will to survive

Written by dark fate

In Time we will see them flourish

Tomorrow I will bear no weight

I slithered back home

The beast in me walked for a death to instill 

As grows stronger my rising fist

Hanging tree now lit

Victim of the ploy

Of innocence lost

The death of her dreams

Now ready to dry

They flaunted new bodies they’d seized

Wet eyes follow stars

In branches of light

We were once swans

Integrating me

Germs in each corner

The sea progresses

Heads covered in fuzz

Symbol of demise

Setting boundary

A flag flying high

They rang at her temples a song

Of lucid embrace transient phase

The ticks clung on hard

Quiet times restored

The light spilling fast

The soul sits so still


Prime numbers sashayed

Crescent moon to leave


Whispered end

To cradle of light

The way of the breath

A goodbye to royalty

Music flooded head

Pray fall into heart

Wet grass tickled feet

The dust had settled

Trace of red teardrops

Prince of Peace anew

Serenity sweeps

Humans united

The waters flowed calm

A thousand answers

All rage now vanquished

Words interrupted

Multiverse exhales

My heart hummed wild songs

Multiverse forming

Time slowly passed me by

I yearn for your untouched skin

Stillness of my breath

My chest blazed alight

The lotus balanced

Initiation settled

Eyes seeing unseen

Free of memories


Without you

In transformation

Fly with me

Woven threads

When the heart is clear

A silverlining

Deep into mountain

Opposites melding

Centuries of gifts


You are my bright star

A heron looked on

When bosom is spent

When the light dies out

Recreating Life

It is always you

Like doll on a shelf

When the stakes are high

Bark oozing shed tears

Desolation’s land

Catch me when I fall

Queen of my kingdom

Within mind

Tale foretell

Only you I loved

Under your bright sun

Trickle of honey

Like a faithful friend

Like seal on my lips

Deep within my heart

Of Love’s wilderness

Rumbling in my heart

Only you come forth

Fleshy taste of strawberry

Solid ground denied

Love only wisdom

My heart blue and wild

Showering raindrops

For life a tingle

I am all though none

My heart in a sling

The wolves are calling

Toward river bank

Finally I set me free

Clamour quieted

Of summertime’s rains

Rendering delight

Of changing seasons

Dance with me

Plains of the free lie

My shadows are within me

Following their star

Life’s everlasting flower

The regained oneness

Flowing from my mind

Around shape of things

Gathering the ink

Within unity

Weaving thoughts

Invading the night

Scent of summertime

Burning within breath

My feet are weary

In love we gathered

The river racing

Welcome to my soul

The souls spared

Fire beneath embers

Our future is bright

In the heart that moved

Waiting for your hand

I am gone

In shape of our hearts

The raven that flew

Third path shone

There beside your heart

Ocean greets me kin

They run through rivers

Just to be One with you

He moved with giant strides

Talking birds

Before the silken reed

I dreamt upon a summer night

The slow mist covered soft

The wolf played act so meek

Music in soul played along

Surrounding my frame

Tune in me

Caught in the blue streams

Of forgotten sorrows

Rustling reeds

Eye gathered lilies

Slow fall drops of rain

Mind matters

Missing steps

Fragmentation of my mind


Shower me in rain


Love Token

Master to pleasure

The reeds in the sun

Burning memories

Winter lights

A sunshine eclipse

Carried by the breeze

When dark contains sight

Shadows in my eyes

A green maiden in snow to dress

Tireless tides

Keep the joy in you

Sad sighs in between

Bright lights in the sky

The unknown facets

Shores undivided

Children face the light

Bitter aftertaste

On the road to redemption

Solution to age

Show me an arrow

The Gods are sleeping

Death converts to life

Humming pervading

We escaped at last an end of horror

Sums of nothingness

Crows invade my sight


Soul between two worlds

The Edge of the Light

Do you hear me now?

Alone we are not lonesome

The Interstellar vacuum


Throbs and vibrations

Hands towards the sky

United in Love

Weigh me scales

Fleeting memories

It rained in my Heart

In rolls of thunder

Stormy weather stains

Gathering the clouds

Roads to pave

The dark side of the new moon

Fly Away

Listless Heart

Creatures of the Sun

In my dreams


Change the Earth

Soul cheated apall

In conformity

Supernova in making

Moon Petals

Winter Time she rides


The Fallen

The God of small Miracles

Into a New Age

Recovering soul

Flying is not for felines

Raven Time

The truth of heartstrings

Fragments of my Heart

Wearing Her

Tremors in my head

Shadows past

Into heaven’s frame

In the inner Truth

Remnants of the sky


Angels without wings

Sirens sailors sink



Passion’s hue

Twined the sun

Through impossibility

When the deed is done

Like water rocks boat

Summoning her Frame

In punctuation


Shake my Faith

Mock Eternity

Stirring the waters

In recognition

In golden glory

What was meant in skies

Morning optimism

Lady who fainted

In the gold of alchemist

Whirl me tour


Prayer to the one

Heart shines in the mind

From land of all beginnings

Simply Love

Heart in mind now cast

In the wake of Peace

Remember from the ember

Cutting through Slices

In the wings that lift

Sui Generis

Fade away

Of voices fading

Fleeting Fate


From knights of Jerusalem

Weaving compassion

Light the skies

Of the waves elemental

From back to before

Contours of ashes

Meanings of the Light

When the Angels cry

Travelling through waves

Building tomorrows’ smiles

Come meltdown


The Target Zero

In upward movement

Darkness overcome

Letting go of Time

Growing sunshine pours

Swallowing the stars

The Prison Planet

On Being the Light

Shape of the future

Mutation intent

The Center Holding

Stars written

Code Eternity


Jagged intentions

Building Grey

Southern bound

Washed ashore

Endless Road


End of my Journey


Tombstones seal

Unending black holes

Requiem for the Moonlight

Through shores of the Heart

Ticking Bomb


Shedding Particles

Bubbles in the mind

Sunny times reeking

Walking through the throngs

Crossing wilderness

In the southern sun

Winding photons hum

Presence extension

Grinding halt

In beating temples

Rewiring circuits

Hushed glances

Open doors

The raw taste of strawberry

The multi-petal lotus

In swirling Oceans

Mind reader

Lover never fails you

Rewriting intent

Runner in the rye

Dance with the fairies

Random walk

Overcoming waves

The Stars Rainmaker

The winter bearer

Light in Stone

Receiving the Light

Twining southern sun

Witnesses galore

Seventeen again

Flying with the kites

Blossoms of your breath

April tool

In neglect

Rediscovered lens

Breaking the rat race

The essence of debates confounded in the blur

Within Soul

Redress of Human

Flying South

March defunct

My ghost above curtain blades

Many into One

Last attempt

Shut Eyes Wide

The God Particle

Three with the Heart leave

The changes there rustled new world in jewel case

The Shades of my Heart

Walk in Love Heart on your sleeve

Of Love’s impression

The rose that is laid down pours in heart blue waters

Come out of the dark

My lover’s dances

Elevation Time

The weightless measure of things

Immortal renew

Crash Course

I revisit the death of a breast that is choked

Filter wheat from darnel beautiful soul to prolong

The Blue Moon and She

Agnus Dei

Spiritus Mundi

Aeon Flux

Heaven’s scent redeem

Rebuilding Gaia

I See You Baby

Acknowledging Twists

My Lover Dances

Nine weeks surmising

Love in what you do

Happy days remount

Twining Venus Mars

Filter salt in sea

Anything at All

In glory perishing in ashes of our urns

Deleting the Sun

As Brotherhood stared

Tidal flames will scend

What I see now dies

Corpses dance alone

In the Promised Land

Seagulls Homecoming

Of Dragons Alit

Protectors of Truth


Ring of Secrets break

The Last One Knowing

Lady of the Lake

In between choices

The fools follow lies

Contrived contraption

True love that fenders

Reviving heartbeat

Waters that we seek


Preserve my Aquitaine from the plots they prepare

Error is Human 

Inside Dust and Rain

Blue kingdoms my fleet

Inside there is a soft glow

I remember a song hummed low in history

My Master my Slave

Splinters of the Heart

Rewinding the clocks

The Time Traveler

The restless hornets

A place of Beauty

Keeper of my Light

In my mind

Overcoming thoughts of You

Throw me words

Undulating frames

Blended illusion

The purple at dusk

Heart given completely yonder story untold

Shadows of our kiss

The heart speaks softly

The last of the ranks

Tones of blues

Wuthering Waters

I wake to the burning rivers

Birth the day

Put body in my zeal a soaring in tirades

Of a soul to move with no tear

Winter shrill



Reach out to the fields

In between two worlds

Sing to me

Unchain me

Shoot straight to the Heart

Whisper to the stars

Seven Moons

Feed me the Music

The marshland intentions lay a tired trestle

Into my nine realms

Of weights unpacked the Heart mind frees

Picking up the pieces right

Fleshy Trinity

The Watcher

In the ship directions sail


Breath of salt

The days of the bloom

Reaching out to inward gardens

Where we dreamt once upon a Time

Masters ending in my release

The sleepy slow progress of a short life

All is in now what is in sight

Waking Ophelia

The scent of musk and jasmine

Infinity’s Time

Renewed the divine within me she’ll dwell

Blood chalice

Living in Truth where shadows lie

Veiled promise

The beautiful gallows on Cape Canaveral

Frozen Times

The inner voices


The fornever more

The inverted roles

Conductor with lecterns soul church that meditates

I land on my feet


The greatest divide

The whisper of your shadow

Butterfly effect

Quakes by Three

Primitive reorganised


On return of chorus to circled always land

I draw the same lines

What we were tonight

Ceremonial Centuries

The Love in the stars

Come undone

Redemption (Uncommon is strange)

Woman on the Top

New age contemplate

Heart shaped Polly gone

Unbecome and Be 

Ten to the Power of Six


In floating

Sereno variabile

The carmine of Heart

The children of morrow they will run in the wild


Keys of the Kingdoms

There is a garden

Infinity share as our hearts unite

Life in the Open

Nothing to confess

Make us the colour of your rainbows’ light


Come pleat me

Come out of the Frame

Alice did wondrously land

The birthing process

Magnets of compass

Disembodied souls

To go with the flow resistance now dead

Dissolution Time

A book for shelf a loss of Art

Engineering New Angels

For whom the bell tolls

Power coursing through my veins

Shells of Flames

Walk inside the Light


Blue lakes inside me

Thousand words of pleasure to be exchanged softly

Sirens snow


Blue Green Loss

Angel Tears

Angel Burns

Crimson Fields

Blood pearls drip

Nighttime Dress

Splitting ends

Angel ears

The purple rays of twilight

One one thousand clear


I will gather you dews from all morrows’ sunshine

As the cotton grows

Broken minds

In Love Eternal

Out of shrubs

Promise of the Fall

Frozen chants curdling

Tainted veils that fall

Withered Time

Breaking beautiful

Hail Queens of morrows servants kept under

Our love eternal lives unmarred

Clarity of You

The taste of cinnamon spice

Frontal collision

In pour traits within

A Tale of Two Crowns

Tabula rasa

Beat my heart so you hear our stellar promises

Heart filled with waters

The Snow falls

A collateral damage

Stopping quakes

When the lilac speaks of extinct discords

Sell me stale

The flaming bushes

Facing Netherworld

In blue shoes


Unfolding mysteries spin

In the name of Love

Neverending Love

In Heart binding vows

Intrepid young squire with a clean-shaven chest

Walk Swim  Fly

Of heavenly bloom

Starlit rush

Light cycle

Spirit me the Light

The web grows

Soul to Soul talk mends

Once upon a Sway


All the holy grounds

Material Immaterial

Return to the Source

In heavenly skies

Where Earth sprinkles Air

Alpha and Omega

The well calls me

Of ravens reaching out

You are not here

The Silent Tree

O Moon of my sleepless nights

Finding Love

Deride me

Spelling morse

The permanent game

The journey

Heavens’ particles

Unwinding all Time

Melting gold

The promise

The Love grows within

Traveler speaks not

Down by the river

Take me back to the time of such absolute thirst

A wild bird to tame

All matter alike

The lost eye opens

Exhaling stillness

Meet me in July

Of love in our eyes

Like ghosts in the rain

Myriads of petals


Suspended moments

Together again


Paced footsteps

Memory lane

The garden

The endless waters

Dark castles

To claim the unfathomable in exchange for a varnish

Touched untouched

Spinning Eight


Our traces

See the fate that brings me to land of denial

Will you see

In between the voids

Of transformation

Weavers in dungeons

Redefine purple

Every magic word

Not at Home

Heavens within me

Polarity world

Scent of a story

Renewing the glow

All fake rules to breach

When the fear is laid

Warped Universes

Children of the Suns

Time no Time

Rebirth out of lies

No trade where no fear

A play of the tides

Giant that staggers

In the break of twin daylights

In trailing backwards

As new suns arise

Inside hours

The bird on the hand

Molten core

Of our flesh united eternal altars

My system failure

Exquisite corpses

Those translucent words

As He leads me Home

Dissolving in Light

In split particles

Wolves of the marshes

Come play Hyde and see

Ours Undying Realms

Out of death

Tomorrow’s pathways

The spiraling flights right into the sky

The open trails of gold bring back Queen of the sickle

The fading shine bright

Winds’ dances

Swaying fate

Like a ghost in decay

In Twirling

If we’re One

Wherein knights are made

Following the track

Latin beats

Towering stones

Whole nine yards

Chirping birds

Naked tale foretold


The kingdoms of past’s abyss


Losing touch

Post scriptum

Within waking dream

Joining Sky and Earth

Set ablaze the flask with a dying thirst

Domino effect

Semblance of the soul

Accidents on tracks

Between cup and lip

Tango to Centre

Solitary Dream

To Blooming woman

We are One

Open up the box

In Circles of bliss

As Time constricts me

Morning star

Watching life flow by

The silence


Ode to Nevermore

Kissing ghosts

Walk swim fly anew

I sketch the delights of a future that sprouts

Traces of our pains

Give in to waters

Feel through lips see through Heart the pain now gone

Finding inner observer

Talk to me of bliss

Of foreign conquests in lone lands now forsaken

Shades of inhumanity

I have a nightmare

Trinity now formed

Know wheat from its chaff

From silence gaping chasm to make me a sleeper

Lest you live as I would die

Consorts for the Gods

Of Divine Union

Running in pace with Ghost runaway train

Infused Lake Como

The Path of the Faith

Esoteric Lover

Embracing the End

All my good luck charms

In composing miracles

Follow flight of birds

Within Grace

Under cherry blossom trees

Spoken in Silence

The multiplying effect

The colours of us

Venus code

Small satisfactions

To love a shadow

Within the absence of all

Through the flying times I knelt

Like love in heart spent

The passage of sunken Time

The Queen of new Times

Glory’s wake

Hushed star’s path

Between mind and heart

Particles to keep

Know thyself


Breaking through

Playing with the light

The wound in my seal flays the writing

Bringer of the light

Like milk and honey

As leaves shrivel brown

Counting my changes

Down goes the hammer

The Devil is in details

Love life’s mystery

Dreamtime’s kiss

Regret to rehearse

Scattered breath

The solemn dances insipid to please

From spirit of death a wane life is born


Conflagration of Senses

Where I watch you rest

As the Ravens swarm

Spring cleaning

Deep within lake Blue

The wings they grow slow

Within I am Home

Veil so thin

Unruly minor

The winding footsteps

Morrows in the Sun


The falling children

Your shapes’ ambrosia

Flow the kiss

Time will not turn back

Meals in the quagmire

Funny times

Waters in rivers

Scent of Tomorrow

Inside hopes flourish

Do you see?

Bells will ring pealing roar in elegy

Fly between Atoms

Toy Soldiers

Cycles of Dark and Light


Pounding Heart

The neck is fragile the destinies fatal

A form of chaos

See the lasting scent of the white lilies


Soul Hacker

The sound of burning cellos

Second skins peel into day

As spring makes its way

The timeless unwound

To where I will bloom

The bearer of truth extinguishes fear

When the skies slow part sun smiles me to bliss

I fall through the cracks

My story my guild weaving stars in mane

Your spittle me spare your mind I find poor

I fly within a dream a restless nest

Man and sun conspired

My Heart will not sleep

Reinvented spring

A mist to conceal

I speak through the winds misconceived prayers

Weave web bolder


Writing Neverland

Through Time I float

Trinity within my Blues

Set against moonfall

Life sprouts from passing

The untarnished Twelve

Did spring arrive early?

I will Heal your Soul

Heavenly Father

Gather torn soul

Truth mirror


Scarred mind’s forget me knots

There is more to clutter than meets the I




Through the Filter


Sing o Birds

Distance fades

The fading Times’ cuts


Moving fruit of Earth to space

A way to be

In between rubble and tears

Teach me of respite

Once upon a Memory

The Human in me


The view loses charm

Into Other Life

Loss and rotten tomatoes

Time to let you go

Beyond the doors of Death’s Gate

Blood in the moonlight

Breaking sentiment

And so they lived happily ever

I crossed the river

Dark Matter’s ink diluted

Remembering to forget

Of mice and dices

Read me a story

Universal Harmony

Broken memories my staff

It was tea for Two

Before it escapes my reach

I cannot sleep the night through

How do you crush an Angel?

Humanity stuck in throat (With Love only Creed)

A Tale of wincing virtues

What did you say your name was?

Hit and miss never

Deeper shades of Blues

A walk on waters

Luminescence strikes my Heart before I leave this old world

The transformation occurs under deep narcosis

A promise whirls wind

Shaking skies ink black

Disappearing act

A Journey of no return

A roadmap to Bliss

Mother’s spirits had risen

Come dance this lifetime away

A Winter to remember

Perhaps one Winter

Extra sensitivity

Waters filled my Heart

Softly I will fade

Hello Heartbreak my old friend

When youth and beauty did fade

Winter’s promises

Heartbeat my Essence

Replicating cells

Miracles in the palm of my hand

Molecular wave

I won’t let you go!

Into light shades of Balance

Breathing under the waters

In the silence of my Heart

Circular dance in energy flow

Liquid cracks parallel portals chime

Every Time Mother would shed a Tear

Fear Ego’s highest Level

Jerusalem’s lost Ark wind

Life wide open change

Now that the trail has gone cold

Tune short waves the composite and plain

The Flaming Doves on my face draw Light

The Far meets the Close and the Everything in Between

Come speak to Heart again Eleven

Healing lines my Heart

I died yesterday

We need the mortar

Infinite dams Breed

Stillness in Tremors

Gravity propelled

The Lisping set Flames

When the shift caused quakes

Eye will see you blow the hatred’s Flames

I, flying Phoenix

Stairway to the Skies

Seeing you through I

I Am that I Am

Aurora Borealis

Chronos my brother

I am in the House of Love


Dance with me Lover

Mother forsakes us Never

Forgive me Father

Yellow Sunflower

Other poles shifted

In your tall build revel again complete

Building mirror’s other reality

Dynamics of Love

My slender Oak Tree

What I love about her feet

Ocean of Despair

The River of Time

You can only see with Heart

Frills for our Future

Your lips on my skin

Be my rising Star

In trail of Feathers

Dancing to the winds

Breath of the Divine

Closing Heartpath Core

Ten was the number

Twin Futures

Silent, I reverberate, reintegrating Heartpath

Frost bites my Heart’s Lace

Synchronicities unfold

So Close yet so Far

In Nomine Patris – Not!

The falling leaves smile

In Memoriam Aeternum

In the Peak of the Darkness

Where all is Balance

Dominions to come

You who know my Heart

I speak from within Future

Rhapsody of Souls

As Queen of the Sun

Pathways to Heaven

Come to me in the mist’s sighs

Like pockets in Heart

Return to Simplicity

Harrowing will be thy shame

In Circles of Time

Keep safe Messenger

The touch of your hand

Building a New World

A New World awaits

Infinite Expansion starts

No more you nor I

Reaching a place of stillness

Drunk on loving Ecstasy

Walk with me a thousand years

Lady of shadows

Three, three like a tree

Night engulf me like satin

Alternate realities

Should I dance with you?

Your touch my soul soothed

Swaying to the Times

Silence of the Heart

Waking within the Heartpath

Regaining Unity’s Faith

In my dreams I fly

Break through the Heartpath

Ecstatic togetherness

The cracks in the wall

Reaching Heart Stillness

Become Love my Love

Internal workings

Listen to the Angels speak

My spirit dances

Love letters from Netherworld

The Elements raged

The Illusion of your Face

This Oracle in my Heart


Walking in Dreamland

I heard Spirit’s Heart

Love was only chance

Butterflies died first

Those sinuous lines


Just open embrace, for others is We

In Peace with the Flames

Only Love makes Perfect Sense

Come into my Life

I choose to colour my Heart

You live deep in me

Listen to my Heart

Winding down the clocks

As the Water flows

Control Halt Delete

The Loss of what is not there

The unbearable Knowledge

Love Minimalism

The bread of Mercy

Run through the light maze

Getting the Tune right

I will bear the Ring

This spirit in me

Love the greatest choice

Tomorrow will rise

Open your eyes now Adam

Through the veil of dark despair

Come Age of the Heart Wisdom

The Subject of Love

A World of Magic

Love without limits

Let me be your Gipsy Love

The Time will never come back

Your emblem of Love

Living in split worlds

All winds are howling (Translation of Arabic haïkus called رياح تعوي )

Of perhaps and of maybes

Perhaps loving is leaving

Beyond Connection

Happily ever laughter

Back into Jerusalem

Dance me to the End

A day will soon come (Translation of “Il viendra le jour”)

May you end all sanity

Practising still life

This incessant hide and seek

Are we done hiding?

I will call your name

This essence of you

Renew my essence

Merging is Emerging One

Tragedy will become me never more

Flawless and silent

Will you miss me when I’m gone?

Blood, this flow in me

What is this Madness?

Every time I doubt

This empty room without you

The power of your Love (translation of a poem initially written in Arabic)

The fabric of dreams

Fleetingly daytime joined in

When you and I sleep

As the pace quickened it stilled

Don’t cry for me for heavens will now smile

The clouds gathered dark

The last one standing

The red writhing hood

Infinity’s voices loudly will call

A soul to soul will now promptly relate

A life is enough

Eternity’s flights

Across Time’s Oceans

Dance into the Wild

Worldly ties can knot

Life? It flows tireless!

The battles in me

A million kisses

Can Earthly love heal?

I yearn to go Home

Ecstasy of You

Your presence in your absence

When we think it right

In mutual growth

The foghorn blows not

I am All and None

End in beginning

Dying within me

Breaking the dark waves

Burn it in the cold

Angels don’t walk Earth

The blurred lines of me

Where evil and good didn’t roam















The nostalgia of your face

Down the rabbit hole I fell

In dreams I live our spent lives

All the sanity in me

I flew to the chalk mountain

Darken the full moon

Tomorrow’s tides










All the promises















Moving shadows lie softly

The Beloved’s feet






Heart’s rotating light

Rise from the dead realm

I walked down to the river

Hollow Earth breathes loud

First light that filled skies

Rise and shine o hearts that Love

In fractional truth we lie

With spirit I walk unscathed

As the last bits would shatter

Further into light

Distant sunrays shine

How not to be now

Sun bled tomorrow


Thousand one nights with spirit

The waves of transformation

Seven skies, veils and stages

In the Earth’s stillness

The grass grows greener

In reed I renewed myself

Once upon a time we loved

As I then breathe out serene

Eye wept for you, I?

Like a twin answering me

Time unbound whirled on

Out living a lie

Into black and white

And the river flowed

The other side of me

I see fire

Earth in me

Dark matter

A deathly pallor

I hear your call


I am

Traces of you

Sky blush

Live in tomorrow today

In Time

Time passing flowed still

Dans le doux silence de l’air / In the sweet silence of air

Tomorrow no more


Requiem in steel

Dances in blue

A Sense of Wonder

Death of a leaf?

After the rains




Morrows’ morning sun

I felled a tree

In rapture

Cast in stone

And the sea roared

Swallow in the sun

Setting fire to the moon


Peace profound

Unbreak me not


Live, Love, Trust, Thrive


Collecting days

All within

Requiem for the undead

Spirit calling

Sleep eternal

Mother, still my soul


Balancing worlds



Rake me a pile

Life stills

Beyond borders



Memory box


Beyond Heaven

Light in the night

To judge NOT walk on

Tell me you were here

Arising fallen

Journey of the soul


Per Mission to Love

They walk among us

Master of Illusion

Cloudy change

Twin worlds

And the mirror crack’d

In the stillness of my heart

I count my blessings

Only the heart knows

In memoriam

In the beginning

Forgotten face

Multiply me in love

Forget me not

A brook of life

Collecting me

In dreams

The roaches are still

From earthen sky

The gift of you

A night to devise a day to rise

Journey of a soul


Memory’s kiss

Walking through sunshades

Shutter sky

Heart in shadows

Through blood and tears

Hush baby pain slithers

Hark my heart I lay thee to discrown

The Moon hopes the Sun

Wave me numb, wave me a crumb

Shoreline my meadow

Ignorance is not bliss

A new Millenium


Lamia, to tease

Air, light and sound

Luna, thug of hearts tug of memories

Night’s cull

Ghost wanderer



Grow me, know me, show me, stow me


Shall I tell you?


Dead white 

Dead bird

Yielding meters, writing teeters

Return to shadows

Fragments of still life

The Blair witch

Snowflakes on her tongue

Dreamer’s drift

Only…If Only…

Give me back my old sad heart

Good morning sunshine

In the name of the rose

 Take me home

Roaming mind

Point break, the limits of injustice that disappoint

French justice, a cloak of wear and tear

Exchanging role, relinquishing control

My colour blue

Message in a bottle, love do not throttle

 Burn, witch burn

Doom’s meal

In the name of the rose

9 lives to go while the boat you rock, row

Body parts

Stack the wood, light the fire


Weathering storms

Meet Amy Wood – Voici Amy Wood

I fight to keep and nurture a better me

My only sins

The feathers or the eggs?

Me in you and you t(h)ree in me

Of love and change

Reaching out

How far your heart from mine

The cold in you

Burning bittersweet


Embracing nothingness


I see you, I love you, I miss you

Looking into tomorrow


Sprint to business

Pair me not

Waking up

My man

Shadows in my life



Three angels

Third culture kids

Neverlasting sorrow



(c) Geetha Prodhom / No works from within the contents of these links may be reproduced without the author’s explicit authorisation. These works are meant to form part of a poetry book in three languages that will be sold in the market

(c) Geetha Prodhom / Aucune des oeuvres existant ou liées à cette page ne peuvent être reproduites sans l’autorisation expresse de l’auteur. Ces oeuvres feront partie d’un recueil de poésie en trois langues qui sera vendu dans les librairies

4 thoughts on “English poems

  1. Geetha,

    I am higly impressed with your works and wish you much more inspiration to create more of masterpieces!

    Loved your graphic works and from paintings – Hope most of all. And women are so confident, beautiful, independent on your paintings.
    Poems (those which I was able to read:-)))) found great response in my heart.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Svetlana. You’re a darling. I think women today are more and more empowered and confident of their beauty. I am happy you see them as independent in the paintings because this is a feeling which is deeply rooted in me.


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