J’élèverais aux dieux un autre piédestal

J’élèverais aux dieux un autre piédestal

23 novembre 2015

(English translation of the various meanings here)


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Impossibles rêves achevés âcres relents

Des stries sur mon dos auto-flagellation vois !

Du poète consommé on exhume vieux talents

Et la houle et la mer pointent en lui monde sournois


gaia paulinebattell com meditation-of-the-water-sky-and-land-by-cathy-mcclelland
Courtesy Cathy Mclelland on paulinebattell.com



Je vis d’un parfum clair d’elle souvenirs déments

Porte encore pour ouvrir fort en cœur que tu sois

Des cieux d’hier forts en pleurs d’arcs en ciels cléments

Ouvre en moi la promesse de justice d’humaines lois


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Si par impossible mon cœur devait y siéger

J’élèverais aux dieux un autre piédestal

Je nierais ce feu que ton pouvoir s’en consume


foghorn lisamccourthollar com
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Orphée et flute de Pan les fées ne savent piéger

Princesse des mers n’est point du prince des airs vassal

Le loup et ma mère hurlent à ta mort gloire posthume



sleeping beauty10
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Trobar de Morte – The Lost Dreams

Trobar De Morte – Calling The Rain

Trobar de Morte – The Deadly Embrace Of Love (El mortal abrazo de amor)

Trobar de Morte- The Fairies Wind

Trobar De Morte – La Princesa Dolca De Provenca

Trobar de Morte – Summoning The Gods

Trobar de Morte – Morgana


11 thoughts on “J’élèverais aux dieux un autre piédestal

  1. this is gorgeous, Geetha…I enjoyed reading this aloud and while my French is rusty, I think I was able to get most of it 🙂 … loss, remembrance, and fame in death…

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    • Thank you FT, am glad you liked it. Enjoyed humming it to myself as well. I don’t think I even knew you spoke french. Rusty is fine though there are double meanings you might not have grasped also because I don’t put the commas so some stanzas can be read differently and can even join the one after.

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      • I gathered that the lines may not have been translated well, figuratively speaking, but it was beautiful to read…I read French very well and my accent is fair, but in the heat of conversation I am quite rusty 🙂

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            • Hi FT so I now translated into English all the thoughts I had as in French my poems are quite sly. They hold many meanings because I am able to twist the language much more than in English and put in it several meanings that don’t immediately appear to the eye. That is also why I seldom use punctuation so that the different meanings can be formed by people who are looking closely.

              Here are some of them. I hope you understand it through the different ways I have tried to explain what each part of the poem could lead to when read in a different way.

              I would raise to the gods another pedestal
              November 23, 2015

              [Impossible dreams ended in acrid stench/ Impossible dreams, gone is the acrid stench
              In the streaks on my back see self-flagellation]
              Impossible dreams turned acrid, remains of streaks on my back is self-flagellation Look! From the consumed poet they exhume old talents / From the poet, a soup (consommé is a kind of soup) they exhume. Old talents and the heave and the sea…
              [And the heave and the sea point in him to sneaky/hidden world] And the heave and the sea emerge in him, a hidden/surreptitious world

              I live from a light scent of her mad memories / I live from a scent, transparency of her, mad memories / I live from a light scent, from her, [I live ] mad memories
              [Door again to open, strong of heart, if you may be Of yesterday’s skies /heavens/ strong in tears of clement/merciful rainbows] Carry again to open Fort / Carry – then again to open Fort in Heart / Carry – then again to open Strong in Heart if you may be
              [May you be door again to open fort in heart]
              Open. Within me the promise of justice, of humane laws / Open in me the promise of justice, of humane laws / the justice of humane laws

              [If my heart were to sit there I would breed. To Gods another pedestal I would deny. May your power be consumed by this fire]
              If my heart were to sit there. I would raise to the gods another pedestal. I would deny this fire that your power may be consumed by it.
              Yes, by impossible my heart had to sit / rest there. I would raise to the gods another. Pedestal I would deny. This fire, only your power burns from it.

              [Orpheus and Pan’s flute do not know how to trap fairies / Fairies do not know how to trap Orpheus and Pan’s flute]
              Princess of seas is not the servant of Prince of airs / Princess of seas – Wolf is not the servant of Prince of airs (a mention in aparté of this fact) – and mother scream to your death posthumous fame
              [Orpheus and Pan’s flute, the fairies do not know how to trap Princess of seas. Airs is not of the prince (Putting on airs is not what makes a prince). Vassal(servant) the wolf and my mother scream. At your death, posthumous fame

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