Solitary Dream

Solitary Dream

28 March 2016

dream thomasisrael be


She roams Earth

In illusion’s frame

Her pace slow

Her Heart still

Her staff semblance of Oceans

Waters toil uphill


From afar

He divides waters

Promised lands

Splitting sands

Temples of the past resurge

From deepest callings


More says less

Concern with banal


Mere boredom

A whipping cane for the sane

Tripping on folly


Like cancer

Silent ills resume

Throbbing growth


Body’s short persuasion

Dying in white noise



Metastasis cure

Journey’s end

Stepping point

Like Siamese from head joint

Ad-libbing the words


Anchor me

The waters rise high

My ship sways

With the storms

I have lived beyond the norms

Of daily winters


I see gleam

Solitary Dream

It shines through

Lost lighthouse

Promises of forgiveness

New found tenderness


Reading of the poem:  

dream artistsinspireartists com

Dream – Peruquois

20 thoughts on “Solitary Dream

  1. Aww, what a gorgeous promise of a dream! Beautiful my friend! I love to delve in the depths you bring with each verse! Your skill and talent is wonderful!

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  2. Love this, Geetha. Always love your poems of such depth…and the water/ocean motifs are so strong in this one. I feel such a kinship with water and I’m glad you feel that connection too.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Eric. Aside from the fact that we are in majority water, I feel a very strong connection with the ocean and seas 🙂 Glad we share that too my friend. Enjoy the day


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