Keeping the light, staying clean in the fight  

September 1, 2010  

I try with words to keep my sanity  

To keep out the impulsion in me  

Never to think about vengeance  

Trying, awake, to make penance  

But my sanity walks a tight rope  

While I keep the love and hope  

He jabs at me and tries so to cut  

Into my insides, my poor sore gut  

A bit of flesh that I may deny  

All values to turn around try  

To jab him back or him pierce  

His side in an angle so fierce


Fighting back in gut and blood  

Head hung, hands in the mud  

Instead I keep my head high  

Reaching desperately to the sky  

Trying to seize that waning light  

That once shone in me so bright  

And brought me always such solace  

Removing of all ailments the trace  

And as I fight to find, bring me back  

To keep in me of such love the knack  

Knowing I am still there, though slight  

Flexing, crouching under this plight  

I know I fight in firm and strong peace  

Remembering from the ancient Greece  

The word that Rumi tried so to convey  

A blissful, smooth, silken word, Agape

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