I cannot sleep the night through

I cannot sleep the night through

7 December 2015


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Before break of dawn

Luminescence stirs me up

With traces of you


I follow the trails

Passive tracks in starlit steps

The walk to nowhere


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Like a lost atom

Rotating in my own world

Eons from myself


You breathe into me

Through dreamtime that lies across

The rivers divide


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We walk in shadows

In between dark and the light

Separate glances


Whirring like clockwork

In between what’s you and me

The moving fences


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Courtesy theartofkorinna.yolasite.com



Wrestling with chaos

I cannot sleep the night through

Battles of moonlight


A day will soon rise

When sleep will be no longer

The waking Times shine


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Angels Fall – Breaking Benjamin

Theory of a Deadman – Angel

13 thoughts on “I cannot sleep the night through

    • Thank you for this Deborah. I guess it would be akin to what I feel in this recurring dream which feels very real. Images 2, 3 and 4 are very similar to my dream and yes there is some wrestling involved between what one can call heavenly will and what is inspired by what I wish would change in the world.
      Perhaps all of us go through those kind of battles and personify them to an extent. Curiously for me it feels very vivid, like actual battles. One of our fellow bloggers Eric writes about something that sounds strangely similar to that experience. Maybe we personify it much more when we feel more about the situation.
      Thanks for sharing the quote. I did not have that present in mind but it somehow makes sense


  1. Wonderful, Geetha. It feels like my daily bouts of anxiety about getting up and going to work. and also about dreams so powerful that they won’t let you rest after you wake up.

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  2. Since my early teens I have dealt with bouts of insomnia and even now i have nights when sleep does not come…when we have someone on our mind those daylight hours come before we know it…a great piece, Geetha! 🙂

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