Calligraphy based on own concept

Calligraphy based on own concept

22 August 2017


I am putting a trial of calligraphy made a while ago, trying to establish a pattern that was connected to the subject matter of the written words. The words are in Arabic and basically state that Heaven is under the feet of mothers. This saying means that basically heaven can only be attained if one keeps one’s mother happy and treats her with the utmost respect.


Usually calligraphers are able to create all sorts of images but I have trouble finding good images to create so I wil be gearing this upwards by making more trials to find new types of images based on wordings from prayer or poetry books.


I will be posting shortly more of my trials with calligraphy and might also revive the love I had for Chinese and Japanese type painting forms to resume those as well. I hope you will continue to be kind with your reviews and likes.


Throughout the years and with my various moves, I have either lost or gifted most of my paintings and drawings including Chinese ink paintings and Japanese miniatures. Hopefully with the practice my knack for drawing and painting properly will be restored. You have been very kind in your reviews so I would like to practise and showcase much better paintings and drawings to pay homage to your kindness in commenting and liking my artwork.

Calligraphy 1

Ibhath Anni – Majda Roumi  ماجدة الرومى…. ابحث عنى

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