The greatest divide

The greatest divide

5 September 2016




Flicker on the clock

Three three three

Wake-up call

Mind goes through all I recall

The buzz of the fall


Dark flashes

The light particles

Spirits haunt

Old temples

The paper burning crumples

The weight of my words


Gathered herds

Reckoning of Times


Through needles

Unbridled journey speeding

Through fabric of space


My wrapping


The loyal

Calm await

They perceive the long lost gait

Whispers of my mind


Circles squared

Answers in the Pi

We research

Fruits of lie

Geometry distorted

In withering planes



The greatest divide

I pierce Heart

In knowledge

Walking on rim of sky’s edge

Soul immemorial


Reading of the poem: 


Gurdjieff – De Hartmann Vol 04: Meditation, par Alain Kremski

Gurdjieff – De Hartmann Vol 01: Voyage vers des lieux inaccessibles, Alain Kremski

Gurdjieff – De Hartmann Vol 03: Recit de la resurrection du Christ, Alain Kremski

23 thoughts on “The greatest divide

      • I’m pleased to bring u a sense of “mission accomplished.” Ur poetry brings a sense of calmness to me in a time in my life when struggles and confusion are all too common..I’m glad I found u and ur precious words…u have a lovely, tranquil voice as well..u do ur words proud…

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          • That’s part of the “confusion and struggle”, Geetha..letting go..but the light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter and I’m just a pilgrim on her way home..😉I know I’ll make it there happy and safely..thank u for ur good thoughts😺👍🏽they really do help…

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                • this is a perfect message for me right now😌🙏🏼🕯…I love it so much and recognize these “symptoms” so much it made me a good way..I will listen to it again and often..I love the observation that “we are all notes in the symphony of life.” the reference to “going home” resonates with me completely too…thank u so much for sharing..the discontent it refers to has been bubbling on and off beneath my surface most of my life and I agree that it’s a message from the deeper spirit to keep searching and be open to blooming into the flower u r and r meant to’s all about evolving and listening to those rumblings in ur soul..

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