15 December 2015


misunderstanding startupist com
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Gone amiss

The words from my Heart

Coughing ink

Colour pink

Where your white laced bloody red

Morphed pain into bliss


I know you

Miss understanding

Crooked thoughts

Have it nots

Clueless soldiers in a queue

From whole to nothing


I feel you


Purpose vain

Like the stain

Of feelings in jugular

Immaculate knot


I hear you

Miss under standing


Your talent

Blooms like cherry blossom’s times

When your heart listens


misunderstanding pinterest com
Courtesy pinterest.com


Don’t let me be misunderstood – Nina Simone



14 thoughts on “Misunderstanding

    • Thank you Eric. There is that too and a number of things that I wanted to include here and I think in the comments of Thomas and stormwise and my responses you see several of those mapped out.

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  1. Whether we here it wrongly or in the context of our own biases, or if the delivery is off somewhat, there are times when miscommunication leads to misconceptions…sometimes it occurs without any words having been exchanged at all…when information is being put out there, we have to use a balanced approach to processing it or else risk missing the intent…great piece, Geetha!

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  2. I didn’t see this earlier – another really good poem, Geetha! What I like about this is that you describe a misunderstanding not just as something we experience, but as something we can truly feel. This is not such a common way of looking at it, for all that it is very true. Instead, in a lot of cases it seems, people experience a misunderstanding as something distant, remote … usually the fault of the other person(s) involved, and while an emotion may be felt as a result of the misunderstanding, the misunderstanding itself is not to be felt. I like your way of looking at it better 🙂

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    • Thanks Raven. Very insightful. I believe a misunderstanding also can have to do with miscommunication sometimes and not just bad faith, ignorance or lack of sensitivity. I tried to convey that double problem involved in its various aspects, how the words sometimes come across wrong on either side, how sometimes the whole version of what is meant stays stuck in the other person’s throat and only a partial or incomplete and therefore incorrect message is conveyed from the throat with the rest remaining like a stain in the jugular. What I also wanted to convey is that some people miss the whole wording part but because they are good/talented listeners they actually get the meaning because they are listening with the heart and not just the ears

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