The Body Rider: Straying consciousness

The Body Rider: Straying consciousness

28 February 2020



He warped into the stocky short girl who started staring at her. The girl smiled somewhat shrewdly. “I have so many questions for you” he said with her voice. She looked back at the girl knowing it was his consciousness from within that was uttering those words. Somehow, she did not feel like playing this game anymore. It had been days that he had been warping in and out of the people around her. He was no longer content with being a shadowless and formless being surrounding her and invading her personal space whenever he felt like it. He had either discovered or always known how to warp into other human beings misplacing their consciousness and having his own rule over their body from within.


She sighed and got back on her feet with a tight smile to the lady facing her. “I have to go” she told her in a tired voice. He peered back at her smugly from within the eyes of the girl. She wondered when he would get tired of playing games and just decide once and for all if he wanted to really be with her or not. She walked back to her room and starting dancing. When he behaved this way, the only soothing thing she could think of was either dancing or sufi whirling. Both appeased her immensely. Her swirl slowly morphed into a whirl as she stood with one hand offered to the skies and the other offering to the ground, in the typical gestures accompanying sufi whirling.


Things did not seem so bad anymore when she practiced sufi whirling. It was as if a weight was lifted from her shoulders. As she stopped whirling after a while, she felt his invisible presence again. He had quit pretending. She could feel him staring at her but for some reason he did not seem to want to taunt her anymore…




This piece may be read as a follow-up to the piece “Sensation” which you can find when toggling on the blogroll in my blog. The posts were edited on 9 March to include the title of the series “The Body Rider”


Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust (With Lyrics)

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