The lost eye opens

The lost eye opens

5 June 2016

al tuo tocco 8 island_Buddha


Inner worlds

Engulf everything

All begins

In the self

Ending in simple nothings

Sums of a lifetime


When all ends

Infinity’s rope


Cling on to

Valleys and peaks disheveled

Remainders of us


Listen now

I know you recall

The first Time

When stars stilled

Measures of feelings distilled

The filter coarse net


The visit

Night’s exploration

The knowledge

Fever’s curve

More than hilltops to observe

Exponential graphs


Sighs and laughs

Learning is teaching

Self pupil

Meek master

The slow pacing goes faster

Inches of treasures



The woes and pleasures

Only thread

Regained sight

Through remnants of joy and plight

The lost eye opens


Reading of the poem: 

ark meenakshisuri wordpress com


I asked for Love – Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy

17 thoughts on “The lost eye opens

  1. Geetha, thank you kindly for dropping by and following Flaggfan. We’ve kind of circled each other at Tosha’s blog, but never befriended each other. I’m glad we are now “official”

    Great poem, too. I listened to your reading of it, and I love the sound of your voice. I think you mentioned it before, but what accent is that?

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    • Welcome and thank you. True, we did not really pursue knowing each other’s writings. I don’t think one can actually distinguish any particular accent as I have gone through so many different accents through teaching which made it all a melting pot. I have had british and american teachers as well as heard a lot of my Indian friends or French friends speak English. It all depends on with whom I am talking and what I am reading which then defines the inclination of my accent (US, UK, Dinglish, Frenglish or just a bledn) 😀

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      • You’re most welcome.:)

        That’s all good though, because we’re friends now, and I couldn’t be happier, or more honored. Oh, that’s right, you’re of a multi-cultural background, correct? Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you through your amazing poetry. Have a wonderful day and week!

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        • Thank you and a wonderful day and week to you too. It is a shared honour and privilege. We grow by our interaction with others. Yes, I do have a multicultural background and look forward to reading more of you too although my time is quite cramped since a couple of months now.


  2. Geetha!
    Loved the poem, as always you were able to draw me inside your mind’s realm. I also enjoyed your puns like “pupil” etc. 🙂 Witty you!!
    ❤ Dajena

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