When the deed is done

When the deed is done

6 September 2017


BnW bored panda com cat-looking-at-you-black-and-white-photography-103
Courtesy bored panda.com


Tilting head

From perception points

Stuck at joints

Light anoints

A jaded shadow set free

Darkness pervades light


Say instead

Light swallows darkness

Inside thin


White on black blackened whitened

Checkerboard wizened


All is said

When the deed is done

Take a look

Loosened hook

The fish floating out in sea

Upstream and toil free


Reading of the poem: 

BnW pexels-photo-120271
Courtesy pexels.com

The way Home – Sleep Dealer

6 thoughts on “When the deed is done

  1. “darkness pervades light” – and yet we fear darkness and search for light when darkness is there all along. Profound words my friend. Hope you are well, been absent for good reasons, please forgive me for not reading you for a while. ♥

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    • Hope you are well too as I am my friend. Light and darkness take cycles in our lives and we cannot be purely one or the other. Thank you for your reading and comments 🙂


  2. It’s just our will that is our bitter enemy
    A darkness that is unworthy of coming lightning
    Black and withered as old iron
    A motionless chaos
    Abandoned wounds will devour only if we let them,
    So say instead, light swallows darkness. 🙂

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