The grass grows greener

The grass grows greener

27-28 April 2015


The grass grows greener

In a little hidden patch

Of sunken garden

Green with moss etched in the night

Twilight thoughts of never more


Lilies swarmed the place

Where daffodils once shone bright

In sunny fevers

A chill in the air stilled suns

Bringing morrows of crisp minds


Water flooded land

Reeds grew as marshes now crept

Where grass once swayed light

Blowing in photons that flew

Across distant skies came change


Flowers crept to shade

Blue, pink, yellow in trenches

Colliding safely

Thoughts rushing in my mind slid

To forefathers’ distant lands


Regal blue upright

Plumbago braved summer heat

Extremities crowned

Bejewelled synapses lead

To sights of distant deep blue


The grass grows greener

In a growing patch ablaze

With moon’s sunny rays

Blue gold red etched in the light

Dawn shines on forevermore



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