They walk among us

They walk among us
August 10, 2013

In dreams I can safely wander
Weightless, soaring to new beginnings
Caressing every night-kissed wonder
Warming the earth with my wings

Wake of dawn finds me inert
Amidst the frail morning dew
From fuzzy feel to dazed alert
Gone rainbow, gone golden hue

A slow pressure on the legs
With a light weight increasing
As my slurred sleepy mind begs
For its immediate receding

Jolting back into conscious wake
I look into the amorphous grey
Not knowing what is at stake
Am I friend, foe or merely prey

Emptiness faces my even gaze
As light seeps into the room
Leaving my mind in a dull daze
On disappearance of dark doom

A flutter passing lightly touches
The corner of my pulsing eye
Forgotten gloom my heart clutches
They walk among us pass us by

They lurk concealed by light
Only by darkness fully revealed
And the only one we can fight
Is our own smothering shield

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