Harrowing will be thy shame

Harrowing will be thy shame

9 October 2015

blue abstractdesktopnexus com
Courtesy abstractdesktopnexus.com


Blue moon spake to me

Eerie silvery voices

Rang through her waning


blue hdwallpapers cat dark_evening_moon_grave_fantasy_woman_night_hd-wallpaper-1757293
Courtesy hdwallpapers.cat


“Repent young blue one

Let the dark souls be your guides

See power in Fear”


blue flammeinterieure be
Courtesy flammeinterieure.be


I bid the moon Light

That she may see in darkness

That this Heart dispels


blue hdwpics com
Courtesy hdwpics.com


“Thy Heart be undone

Thy will be forever none

Thy memories spent”


blue elephantjournal com
Courtesy elephantjournal.com


I pleated love charms

With silver rays from her veins

Gifted them in Love


blue hdwpics com 3
Courtesy hdwpics.com


“Hark!” she bellowed sharp

“Harrowing will be thy shame

In all kingdoms come”


blue hdwpics com 2
Courtesy hdwpics.com



The Source that created me

Flowed in me silent


blue hdwpics com 5
Courtesy hdwpics.com

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